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Quickly find providers of commercial collections and corporate debt restructuring services. Review listings for links to debt recovery companies that specialize in helping clients get out of business debt.

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Having bad or old debt on the books of your business hurts the bottom line. Debt recovery programs provide an answer to collecting those debts.

Collection Letters That Work

Nobody wants to send or receive a collection letter, but a well-crafted note can get you the money you're owed without causing undue friction with your clients and customers. Besides avoiding the cost of working with a collection agency (and the hassle and embarrassment for your customers), a good dunning letter gives clients who may have made an honest mistake a chance to put the check in the mail, but also deftly puts the heat on the deadbeats.

Debt Recovery Basics

Pay close attention to your internal business debt recovery efforts. Use daily metrics to track the effectiveness of your strategies to collect on funds that are owed to your firm.

Debt Recovery Strategies And Tools To Improve Collection Of Debt

Recover debt and improve collection efforts with debt recovery and portfolio management strategies from Experian.

Debt Recovery Specialists, A Professional Collection Agency in ...

Skagit Valley's Debt Recovery Specialists are unique to the debt collection industry by placing a heavy emphasis on the human relations aspect of collection .

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Debt Collector Definition | Investopedia

A company or agency that is in the business of recovering money that is owed on delinquent accounts. Many debt collectors are hired by companies to which ...

Effective Debt Recovery | A Full Service Collection Agency

knowing that you have an agency that acts with integrity and professionalism. We understand that you may wish to resolve debt disputes amicably, to retain your ...

Debt Collection | Consumer Information - Federal Trade Commission

Under the FDCPA, a debt collector is someone who regularly collects debts owed to others. This includes collection agencies, lawyers who collect debts on a ...

Collection agency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

First-party agencies are often subsidiaries of the original company the debt is owed to. .... Debt collectors who work on commission may be highly motivated to  ...

Contact and Locate Debt Collections and Recovery - LexisNexis

Enhance your debt collections rates with our Contact and Locate Solutions, a powerful suite of tools for collection of debts to help you quickly identify assets and ...

AAS Debt Recovery Inc.

Is your business's bottom line burdened by delinquent debt and past due receivables? Are you frustrated and psychologically spent trying to collect your ...

Collection Agency, Debt Recovery, Commercial Collections Agency ...

GGR is a leading commercial collections agency, specializing in asset & debt recovery. Let our full-service debt collection agency expedite the collection ...

Using Debt Recovery

Invest the time to expand your knowledge and understanding of business debt recovery. There are federal and state laws surrounding acceptable business practice for the recovery of business debts, as well as the filing of bankruptcy and corporate debt restructuring. Learn the key concepts to ensure you make the best possible use of debt recovery services.

Talk with your accounting services firm, banking professional and industry contacts to understand what is standard business practice in your area and industry. Use this information as a guideline when defining your debt recovery guidelines. Follow the three steps below to learn more about using debt recovery.

1. Research debt recovery legislation.

2. Meet with debt recovery consultants.

3. Review debt recovery with lawyers.

Read debt recovery legislation

Expand your use of debt recovery management by exploring the options available. Read the federal and state legislation on debt recovery. Stay current on the legislation surrounding the different financial options for companies to minimize your risk.
Federal Trade Commission website provides detailed information on debt recovery. Educate all your accounts receivable and finance staff on the legal limits and rules surrounding collection activities.

Work with debt recovery consultants

Improve the efficiency of your debt recovery services by incorporating the best practices from debt recovery companies. Talk with your colleagues and debt recovery company staff to get timely advice on how to proceed and when to move to legal recourse to obtain business debt recovery.

Discuss debt recovery with lawyers

Educate yourself on the process for collecting on small business debt using legal channels. As a creditor, there are certain procedures that you must follow to have your debt counted during a business debt restructuring. Collecting on international business debt is another process where legal advise is helpful.
  • Learn about the types of debt recovery services available and stay current on the legal limits around these activities. As the customer, it is up to you to state what is acceptable business practice.