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Making the Most of Grant Writing Consultants

Bring in a variety of new ideas and styles by working with grant writing companies. A grant consultant can help you to bring in additional sources of funding by providing services that range from reviewing your grants before you submit them to managing your entire fundraising project.

Grant Writing Consultants Education and Training

If you wish to join the ranks of grant writing businesses as a consultant, you will need grant writing consultants education and training. Consultants are usually grant writing specialists with a proven ability to write well and land grants for businesses.

Grant Writing Consultants Key Terms

Grant writing has become a specialized, competitive business and many organizations are hiring professionals such as grant writers or grant consultants in order to qualify for more grants. As funding dollars are slashed, many businesses find that they need professional help to secure grants.

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How do I become a nonprofit consultant or grant writer? A: For the right person, working as an independent consultant can have many advantages, including ...

California Consulting Grant Writing

The California Consulting grants team consists of 20 grant writers as well as support staff. Through years of experience our grant writers have a proven track ...

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Services | Professional Grant Writers | Grant Writing Consultants

As professional nonprofit consultants and certified grant writers, we provide you with numerous services to help you market your organization, stay in touch with ...

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Maberry Consulting offers professional grant writing and proposal writing.

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DH Leonard Consulting provides consulting and grantwriting services to nonprofit and for profit organizations ranging from funding research to writing proposals ...

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About This Course. Good grant writing consultants are always in demand. Learn how you can use a basic knowledge of grant or proposal writing to become an ...

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We are the national association of professional grant researchers, grant writers, and grant administrators. Our 1,000 members work as Grant Consultants or ...

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Some of AGWA's Certified Grant Writers® work as Consultants and are available to work for your organization. American Grant Writers' Association, Inc. provides ...

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Palmetto Grant Consulting specializes in helping educational and non-profit organizations obtain grant funding. We understand the intricacies of grant writing  ...

Grant Writing Consultants

Over $450 billion in grants will be awarded this year. Many of these will be small business grants. To successfully obtain grant funding, utilize the services of a professional grant consultant. Grant writing consultants provide writing, research and related services to make your grant proposal stand out from the competition and achieve winning results.

Grant writing experts are invaluable when your organization needs writing and research talent not available on your staff, or when you are on a tight grant submission deadline. Grant writing consultants understand how foundations award grants and are skilled in creating detailed, informative and compelling grant proposals.

Before beginning your search for grant writing specialists, it is important to define your grant writing needs. Clearly identify the goal of your services, including project scope, time frame and budget. This information will help you select the best grant writer to meet your needs.

When selecting grant writing companies, research each firm and evaluate the following:

1. What kind of experience do the grant consultants offer to maximize funding opportunities for your business or organization?

2. What services do the grant writing firms provide to differentiate your proposal in the competitive funding selection process?

3. How much should my organization invest in consultant grant writing services?

Hire grant writing consultants that specialize in your industry

Select grant writing experts who are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in your business or industry. Ask to see a list of past and present clients, and request references.

Choose grant writing companies with proven skills

Review the grant writing work of each consulting firm. Ask about value-added services each firm offers above and beyond standard grant writing and research. Request sample proposals similar in scope to your projected grant proposal submissions.

Select grant writing consulting firms that meet your budget

Many grant writing businesses operate on an hourly billing structure. Some grant writing companies contract a flat negotiated fee for long-term client relationships. Your grant consultant cost will depend upon the scope of your services.
  • Before signing a contract with a grant writing consulting firm, ask about the firm's success rate for the type of grant your organization is pursuing. Reputable grant writing firms will provide not only the number of grants submitted, but also the percentage of grants won.
  • Beware of grant writing companies that work on commission or for a percentage of the project value. Such companies rarely have the best interest of their clients in mind.

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