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Investment Management Firms

Asset management firms are experts when it comes to educating you about stocks, bonds and mutual funds and getting you invested in the portfolio right for you. They are the go-between so you are free to focus on your business and not worry about how your money is earning money.

IPO Indexes

An initial public offering index (or IPO index) can tip you off to the latest companies that are selling stock to the public for the first time. IPO indices lead you to new potential investments but before you buy IPO stocks, keep these points in mind:1.

New York Board of Trade

The NY Board of Trade is now a subsidiary of ICE (Intercontinental Exchange). As a result, investment professionals refer to the NY Board of Trade as ICE.

Emerging Markets Brokers and Dealers

Emerging markets brokers and dealers can be your bridge to successful global investments. According to the World Bank, international emerging markets can be defined as countries with a low per capita income with potential to rise in the international marketplace.

CUSIP Numbers

In order for your company to be able to issue stocks, your company must have a CUSIP number. That's all part of the process, and there is an air of excitement in the company because it has grown to the point you and the board want to take your company public.

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DMI Stock Trends

A directional movement indicator, or DMI, shows trends in stocks to anticipate future performance. Based on the trends, investors can better predict when to buy, hold or sell stocks.

Making the Most of Investment Management Firms in New York

The key to making the most of investment management firms in New York is understanding the primary goal of these companies. Investment managers seek to maximize their client's investments and minimize their risks.

Asset Turnover Rate

The term asset turnover rate refers to the aggregate revenue a company makes for every dollar of capital. By calculating the asset turnover rate, a company gains a better idea of how efficiently it utilizes assets to produce revenue.

Bearish Indicator Tools

If you’re in the trading business, you should be using a bearish indicator. You need to apply this tool to help you determine whether you should get out of a security position.

Simple Trust

A simple trust refers to how a trustee distributes the trust income to the beneficiaries. Simple trusts are both revocable, or living, or irrevocable, since the language of the trust effects management of the trust by the trustee.

Using US Brokerage Firms

If your company has the ability and desire to research investment options, consider using US brokerage firms to complete the deal. A brokerage firm employs brokers whose primary function is to make trades of various types of investments.

Penny Stocks Basics

Penny stocks are defined by the SEC as companies that are trading at under $5 per share. Because many of these companies are just starting out, penny stocks are sometimes a volatile investment.

The Diamond Investment Office

BAUNAT DIAMONDS, member of the BAUNAT Group, is the worldwide reference for diamond related purchases & investments.
EXNESS Forex Broker

EXNESS forex broker provides a good environment for online trading! A wide range of trading instruments, tight spreads, instant withdrawal, and more!
Independent Investor

Comprehensive guide to financial trading and investing, covering CFDs, forex, financial spread betting.
GoldBroker: gold coins & gold bars

Invest in allocated gold bars and gold coins stored in Switzerland, the safest country in the world.
Asset Protection Attorneys - Lodmell & Lodmell

Offshore asset protection trust and services provided nationwide. Our asset protection attorneys have protected over $3.5B in assets for many clients.
Best Bonds

Best Bonds provides comparison and access to products ranging from lower risk ISAs and fixed rate bonds to higher risk structured products.
Equipment Appraisal Services

Equipment Appraisal Services has machinery and equipment appraisers to complete USPAP certified reports for lenders, attorneys, and accountants.
Perpetual Investments & Trustee Services

Perpetual is one of Australia’s most experienced investment and trustee groups, with a passion for protecting and growing your wealth.
Savings Bonds

Savings Bonds a site dedicated to helping you to find leading Savings or Investment Bonds.


Investing money is a way you can make your money multiply. It isn’t without some risks, but the benefits of the investments can easily outweigh these. It is important to consider the types of investments you are comfortable making. You may decide that you want to take a conservative approach and watch your money grow slowly but steadily. If you are more of a risk taker, you may decide to try to quickly increase your investments. A third option is to merge the two previous styles and invest in a diverse portfolio that has some conservative investments and some risky investments. In any case, you must carefully consider the benefits and pitfalls of your strategy.


Investing comes with benefits like growing your money, having a wealth of opportunities to choose from, and finding someone to help you when you are in need.

Growing Your Money

People invest because it gives them the potential to grow their money. Just like gamblers hope to take $100 to the casino and turn it into $100,000, investors hope to choose an investment that will grow their investment. Unlike slot machines with big payouts, investing in the right opportunities takes work. You have to analyze the opportunities available to you, decide which have the best potential, and choose a diverse range of opportunities that will give you the best chance of finding a winner.

Wealth of Opportunities

Every day brings a new investment opportunity. New opportunities come in many forms, such as a recently unveiled stock with a good outlook, a newly foreclosed property with good resale value, or a promising new business that needs investors to provide funding. This wide variety of opportunities makes it easier for you to choose an investment that will make you money. Not all opportunities will give you a good return on your investment, so having a diverse field of opportunities is critical to a profitable investment portfolio.

Getting Help is Easy

If you don’t understand everything that goes into investing and need help building your portfolio, there are many people in this industry who are willing to help. After all, your success is their success. This is important because investments have different earning potentials, so choosing the right one is critical to growing your money. For example, The Wall Street Journal claims that if you took $1 in 1969 and invested it in gold, then you would have had $20 by 2006. However, had you invested it in the stock market, you would have doubled that $20.


Investing your money to generate income now and in the future can be an exciting prospect. Although dreams of investment riches have led to the making of many millionaires, they have also led many to the poor house. Carefully examine the downsides before you jump.

Can You Afford to Invest?

You need to examine your personal finances before deciding to enter into investing. What level of debt load are you carrying? Would you be saving interest and borrowing costs by paying down your debt and doing some saving before you start to invest? Don’t try to convince yourself that investing now will pay off your debts later. If you lose on your investments, your debts will increase. Using only money you can afford to lose will provide you more security when investing.

Control Your Investment Costs

There are costs associated with making investments. Depending on the type of investment you want to make, the costs can vary from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Research the costs associated with each type of investment and how to keep them as low as possible.

Know Your Market

Rushing into investing without careful research is truly a road to disaster. Even if you pay the costs of having a financial advisor build your investment portfolio, you need to be knowledgeable enough to determine if his or her advice is good. Learn the jargon, read the business section of papers like The Wall Street Journal, explore sites like Motley Fool and MSN Money, and keep track of consumer trends.

Know Your Investment Products

Investing covers a wide range of products. Some will carry greater risks and returns than others. Generally, the greater the risk carries the greater expectation of higher return on your investment. However, this can also mean increased chances of losing your investment. Become familiar with debt instruments, stocks, funds, and the various subgroups within them before choosing the products that you will put in your portfolio.



There is never a bad time to start investing, especially when you are just getting started. A recent study done by the World Bank showed that the index of the global food prices recently rose 30%, hitting a 20-year peak during this last year. This is a great time to capitalize in the market, and that statistic is a perfect example of this. The price of investing can vary greatly depending on what is being invested in, if the investment is short-term or long-term, and how much money is being put into the investment account. These three factors and many more are the reasons why predicting the price of an investment is difficult. The general rule of, “You have to spend money to make money,” is proven true in all forms of investing. The rule of thumb is the more money you invest, the more your possible return will be when you sell.


Before investing your hard-earned money, carefully consider the benefits and pitfalls associated with these choices. Once you decide that investing your money is a good match for your finances, you have to decide exactly how you want to invest. You can do this on your own, or you can use an investment advisor or financial counselor. Should you choose to use a professional, be sure you fully understand the terms of the agreement you have with that person or firm. The fees from using these services can add up quickly, but they may be worth it if your professional puts together a portfolio that helps you to secure your financial future.