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Directory of investment firms and investment banking services. Research investment banks offering brokerage, valuation, mergers and acquisition advisory services. Identify an invesment firm that meets your business needs.

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Working With Investment Firms

Working with investment firms requires a close relationship between the investment bank and your company, so the bank can gather all the information it needs to lead you to the right investors. These investors will want to know everything about your business, including your financial history.

Investment Firm Key Terms

Investment firms cater to a wide range of investors, from individual day traders and retirees to small businesses and corporations. With their knowledgeable staff and access to detailed market data, investment firms can help investors meet their financial goals, whether they reach far into the future or exist solely in the short-term.

Investment banking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An investment bank is a financial institution that assists individuals, corporations, and governments in raising financial capital by underwriting or acting as the ...

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Detailed information on investment banking jobs, skill requirements, top firms, salaries and what it takes to break in.

Investment Banking Definition | Investopedia

A specific division of banking related to the creation of capital for other companies. Investment banks underwrite new debt and equity securities for all types of ...

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Goldman Sachs | Investment Banking

The Investment Banking Division (IBD) is at the front end of Goldman Sachs' client franchise. ... We remain committed to a strategy of co-investing with clients.

Goldman Sachs | Our Divisions - Investment Banking

Our Investment Banking teams deliver high-quality strategic advice and creative financing solutions to our clients, including mergers, acquisitions, financing, and  ...

Morgan Stanley - Investment Banking

A global leader in investment banking, Morgan Stanley consistently ranks among the top firms in mergers and acquisitions, equity underwriting and debt ...

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Breaking news about Investment Banking. Find the latest articles, videos, photos and blogs about Investment Banking.

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The Swiss bank benefited from stronger equity underwriting, fixed-income sales and trading in its investment bank, posting a $1.08 billion profit and exceeding ...

Fidelity Investments - Online Trading, Mutual Funds, IRAs

The online trading brokerage of choice with ETFs, mutual funds, IRAs, retirement planning and investment solutions to help you find your way.
ThinkAdvisor: News and Analysis for Financial Advisors

News, analysis, tools, blogs, & education to help investment advisors and financial planners grow their businesses in every career stage.

Investment Firms

There are many breeds of investment firms, and the type that's right for you depends on your goals. Most people in search of investment firms are looking because, well, they have money to invest. Whether you have new personal money, business funds to invest, retirement account money, or money and/or investments at another firm that you're not happy with, the key deciding factors include these:

1) How much money are you planning invest? If you're starting with a few thousand dollars, for example, one of the major mutual fund investment firms may be a good place. With $50k, $100k, or over $1 million, an online or full-service brokerage firm (a.k.a. investment firm), or a bank offering investment accounts, may be best.

2) Do you want personalized advice and help, either by phone or at a nearby location you can visit? Or does low-cost online access to your investments suit you best? Full-service investment firms offer personalized service and financial planning advice, while people who are comfortable managing their own investments usually opt for discount investment firms.

3) What investment choices do you want? Most investment firms offer a complete range of investment choices, from U.S. and international stocks, bonds and mutual funds, to high-risk instruments like futures and options. Others may specialize in one or more of those areas.

4) Is an investment "management" firm (a.k.a. "money manager") really that you're looking for? These firms invest your money for you. You place a lump sum with them, and they decide where to put it, when to buy and when to sell -- taking a fee and perhaps a cut of earnings for their services and expertise.

Here's where to find your best investment firm fit:

Get low costs and professional management via mutual fund firms

People with investable sums both large and small like mutual funds for their simplicity, wide range of choices, low fees and professional money management expertise.

Compare online investment firms

These days, with online trading prices at rock bottom, the real battle for your business among investment firms is over additional services they offer.

Don't forget your current bank

Your bank may also offer investment firm services, saving you time and trouble of moving assets elsewhere.

Save money with discount investment firms

People who manage their own accounts and make their own investment decisions can save on fees with discount brokers.

Get complete care with full-service investment firms

Full service firms, as their name implies, offer a complete range of investment services and choices, with everything from online account access to financial planning and proprietary investment research.

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