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Quickly find information on education and training programs and services in the field of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Review listings for links to providers of merger and acquisition education and training, including M&A classes and seminars.

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Merger and Acquisition Education and Training Basics

Merger and acquisition education and training can move you into a position to get in on the action. M&A activity has been busier than ever in recent years.

Pricing and Costs of Merger and Acquisition Education and Training

Merger and acquisition education and training is essential to successful navigate the waters of a corporate purchase and the restructuring process that follows. Without M&A training, you and your organization may not be as well positioned to take advantage of acquisition opportunities or negotiate from a position of strength.

Merger and Acquisition Education and Training Key Terms

Though merger and acquisition, or M&A, services have become increasingly more important in today's marketplace, there is no one standard of education for M&A brokers. Traditionally, a financial professional, be it a financial analyst or corporate attorney, studies under an experienced M&A practitioner and learns the art of making a deal.

How to Become a Mergers and Acquisitions Expert - Education Portal

Research the education, training and licensure information and experience required ... The BLS indicates that most mergers and acquisitions experts require the ...

A Guide to Merger and Acquisition Designations - Divestopedia

Oct 9, 2013 ... Finally, the executive MBA is a shorter training program targeted toward experienced managers; most of the time, ... Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA) ... How to Get It: Continuing education requirements include:.

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Acquire A Career In Mergers - Investopedia

The phrase "mergers & acquisitions", refers to a business strategy of .... Education Practicing mergers and acquisitions requires a strong proficiency in ...

Course on Mergers and Acquisitions

... learn how to avoid the common pitfalls in mergers and acquisitions. ... training dollars & share ... See All Accreditation and Continuing Education Units.

Stanford Executive Education: Mergers and Acquisitions

Stanford program for Mergers and Acquisitions. For information, guidance, or advice, call 650-723-3341.

CM&AA | Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors

•Exceptional practitioners perspectives of mergers and acquisitions in the ... For those who have obtained a college degree from an accredited institute of higher education, the candidate must also evidence ... 2014 CM&AA Training Program.

Mergers and Acquisitions Training Course | London Business School

Why business education? The School at ... Manage the mergers and acquisitions process to create shareholder value. A solid mergers and acquisitions strategy helps your company gain a competitive advantage and create shareholder value.

Mergers & Acquisitions | UCLA Anderson School of Management

Our Mergers & Acquisitions Program delivers timely, comprehensive, fact-based insights into making ... Conceptual Framework for Strategic M&A Decisions; Mergers & Acquisition Simulation; Valuation & Valuation Case ... Executive Education.

Mergers & Acquisitions - Executive Education at The University of ...

The forces of globalization and technological change have created a highly competitive and dynamic business world where mergers and acquisitions are ...

Guide to Merger and Acquisition Education and Training

Merger and acquisition education and training can get you started in a great career. With the proper M&A training, you will be able to enter a field that is exciting and provides plenty of opportunities for growth.

Mergers and acquisitions specialists have a high earning potential. They are also frequently able to travel. It is a career field that has a lot of room for growth. M&A education at a 4-year university will help you to get your first job while M&A seminars will help keep you up to date.

Think you have what it takes to be a mergers and acquisition specialist? Those looking into the field should:

  1. Have an analytical mind.
  2. Have the ability to explain complex financial issues in a way that is easy to understand.
  3. Be willing to work long hours.
  4. Receive merger and acquisition education and training.

Receive a 4-year degree in finance

Most successful M&A specialists have received a degree from a 4-year college or university. You should major in finance, accounting, or business. You can become a specialist in M&A by taking as many courses in M&A as you can.
this program at the University of Georgia.

Consider getting an MBA online

Having an MBA will put you on the top of the pile of resumes, but it is difficult to attend college courses while you are working. It is possible to receive these degrees online, studying whenever you have time.
Colorado State University and Penn State University are two schools that offer MBA programs online. You can study at home, but will still be able to interact with other students virtually.

Attend mergers and acquisitions seminars

Attending mergers and acquisitions seminars will help to keep you up to date on new theories. They are also a good introduction for people who are not already working in the field.
Sales Training America offers one-day M&A seminars. The American Management Association offers three-day seminars in M&A.

Receive M&A certification

Many M&A classes offer the opportunity to receive a certification in mergers and acquisitions. This certification will help you qualify for better jobs and higher pay.
The Alliance of Merger and Acquisition Analysts offers a certification program. You can get a brochure from their website. The American Academy of Financial Management offers similar programs.
  • Most M&A education programs offer financial aid to help you pay for the program.
  • Hire a professional resume writer to make your resume look good by highlighting the M&A training you have received.

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