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Providers of offshore financial services and consultancy services.

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Offshore asset protection trusts - Jonathan B. Alper

The best known legal tool involved in offshore planning is the offshore asset protection trust which otherwise resembles a typical U.S. trust. The offshore trust is a ...

Offshore Asset Protection - Asset Lawyer

Offshore Asset Protection. Asset protection is defined as the safeguarding of wealth and assets from attack by future, unsecured creditors. The assets that we ...

You Don't Have To Move Your Money Offshore To Get Asset Protection

Jul 21, 2010 ... That's good news for the lawyers and bankers promoting domestic asset protection trusts instead. “U.S. clients don't want to be offshore ...

Offshore Asset Protection Planning Techniques

Asset protection through offshore planning techniques, how to use offshore plans to protect your wealth and the benefits of offshore asset protection.

Cooks Islands Trust - Offshore Asset Protection —Companies ...

The Cook Islands Trust provides the utmost in asset protection around the world. Located south of Hawaii, the Cook Islands have proven time and time again to ...

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Asset-protection trust - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[edit]. The trust laws of the offshore world are typically founded on the trust laws of the onshore world. For those ...

Asset protection - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Asset protection (sometimes also referred to as debtor-creditor law) is a set of .... the comparative laws of many jurisdictions (onshore and offshore), choice of law  ...

international-trust-asset-protection-trust - Premier Offshore Investor

An offshore asset protection trust or international trust is considered by many experts to be the strongest asset protection vehicle on the planet when done right  ...

Cook Islands, a Paradise of Untouchable Assets -

Dec 14, 2013 ... A place to hide your hard-earned assets far from the grasp of former or ... The Cooks are a global pioneer in offshore asset-protection trusts, ...

Offshore Asset Protection Trusts - Asset Protection Attorney

Offshore asset protection is the strongest form of wealth preservation. To protect assets against lawsuits, go with an offshore asset protection trust.

Funding the Foreign Asset Protection Trust— Onshore v. Offshore*

For a large number of affluent Americans, asset protection planning has come to include an offshore asset protection trust as an integral component of the plan.

Cook Islands Trust - Cook Islands Asset Protection Trust - Offshore ...

Cook Islands Trust is the world's strongest asset protection vehicle, create a bulletproof asset protection plan using a cook islands trust, nevis LLC and foreign  ...

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