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Providers of offshore financial services and consultancy services.

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Offshore asset protection trusts - Jonathan B. Alper

The best known legal tool involved in offshore planning is the offshore asset protection trust which otherwise resembles a typical U.S. trust. The offshore trust is a ...

Offshore Asset Protection - Asset Lawyer

Offshore Asset Protection. Asset protection is defined as the safeguarding of wealth and assets from attack by future, unsecured creditors. The assets that we ...

You Don't Have To Move Your Money Offshore To Get Asset Protection

Jul 21, 2010 ... That's good news for the lawyers and bankers promoting domestic asset protection trusts instead. “U.S. clients don't want to be offshore ...

Asset-protection trust - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[edit]. The trust laws of the offshore world are typically founded on the trust laws of the onshore world. For those ...

Cooks Islands Trust - Offshore Asset Protection —Companies ...

The Cook Islands Trust provides the utmost in asset protection around the world. Located south of Hawaii, the Cook Islands have proven time and time again to ...

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Offshore Asset Protection Planning Techniques

Asset protection through offshore planning techniques, how to use offshore plans to protect your wealth and the benefits of offshore asset protection.

Offshore Trusts Can Offer Asset Protection | BizFilings Toolkit

An offshore asset protection trust represents an alternative to a domestic asset protection trust. Prior to 1997 and the enactment of new trust legislation in ...

Offshore Asset Protection Trusts - Asset Protection Attorney

Offshore asset protection is the strongest form of wealth preservation. To protect assets against lawsuits, go with an offshore asset protection trust.

Cook Islands, a Paradise of Untouchable Assets -

Dec 14, 2013 ... A place to hide your hard-earned assets far from the grasp of former or ... The Cooks are a global pioneer in offshore asset-protection trusts, ...

Funding the Foreign Asset Protection Trust— Onshore v. Offshore*

For a large number of affluent Americans, asset protection planning has come to include an offshore asset protection trust as an integral component of the plan.

Cook Islands Trust - Cook Islands Asset Protection Trust - Offshore ...

Cook Islands Trust is the world's strongest asset protection vehicle, create a bulletproof asset protection plan using a cook islands trust, nevis LLC and foreign  ...

Fidelity Corporate Services (Seychelles) Ltd.

Provider of offshore asset protection and tax optimisation services. IBC formation and company management. Offices in Seychelles.

Forming an Offshore Company

Thanks to James Bond movies and a couple of spectacularly corrupt institutions over the years, offshore companies get a bad rap. But there are good reasons to consider using them, and most companies of any serious size eventually get advised to set one up.

Broadly defined, any company that exists in one place legally but does most or all of its business elsewhere is an offshore company. But most know them as financial entities built on the balmy shores of the Caribbean, where regulations are light and taxes limited. They needn't have much capital, have many named directors or even conduct much business for long periods. No muss, no fuss, until your company needs what they can offer: flexibility.

Here are some reasons you might need to consider establishing a beachfront operation for your growing firm:

  1. Your business is getting hard to explain
  2. Taxes are eating up the business
  3. Your company has its own investment arm
  4. You need to appear older

Your business is getting hard to explain

The reason most big U.S. companies — particularly credit-card providers and banks — keep a Delaware office is because Delaware asks fewer questions, so it's easy to open complex financial units, known as special purpose entities or vehicles, and run them. Countries with reputations as offshore financial havens ask even less.

Taxes are eating up the business

Lots of companies start up offshore units for their purely financial units in order to carry out large international deals — buying and selling assets and securities or doing normal trade transactions — without incurring a monster tax bite every time money changes buckets.

Your company has its own investment arm

Offshore companies can normally buy and sell securities like an individual with very little government oversight. If you hold a lot of cash, managing that money will cost you unless you do it offshore.

You need to appear older

Bizarrely, there is a subset of offshore companies known as "shelf" companies. They are corporations that were formed by others but never used. If you buy one, your own legal history will be the length of that shelf company — useful, if ethically challenged — when seeking credit or bidding on public contracts
  • Generally, two kinds of people seek offshore status: Really rich people trying to avoid taxes as they age and the tax man comes knocking, and companies doing regular and complex international trade or financial transactions. Proceed carefully if you do not fit these descriptions.
  • Despite what it might look like on the Web, setting up an offshore entity is not as simple as filling out a Web form. Get a lawyer involved, and your accountant.
  • In some cases, going offshore can mean more scrutiny. Governments are tightening the screws in the hunt for terror financing. Be sure the jurisdiction you choose has a good relationship with the United States and a track record of cooperation.
  • If what you really need is to shield assets while not getting involved in too much paperwork, consider forming a limited liability company, known as an LLC, instead. That you can do in the United States, cheaply and quickly.

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