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Quickly find information on checking services for small businesses. Review listings for links to banks offering small business checking accounts. Find the best small business checking account for your business needs.

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Health Insurance Shopping Web Sites

With a seemingly endless array of health care options, trying to zero in on the right plan for your business can be achingly time-consuming. However, several health insurance shopping Web sites have emerged to help you narrow down your options.

Clinical Trial Software

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and research organizations can all benefit from clinical trial software. Clinical trials data management software assists with all aspects of a trial - from enrollment to study submission to study archiving.

Pharmaceutical Education and Training

In the last several decades, the pharmaceutical industry has grown to be one of the most profitable in the world. The industry brings in yearly profits in the billions, which translates into a big demand for qualified workers.

Fold Down Shower Benches

ADA approved shower benches help make bathing and showering easier and safer for the elderly, individuals with mobility issues and those who want a spa-like experience. The wet, slippery surfaces of many bathtubs and shower units cause many household accidents each year.

Electric Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs are a great innovation on the standard wheelchair, and allow for enhanced mobility for anyone who uses a wheelchair. Electric wheelchairs are widely available.

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Healthcare Finance

The medical field is constantly growing, with regular offices, specialists and alternative medical facilities. Medical office buildings offer one stop shopping when it comes to patients' needs, so the need for healthcare funding providers is always there.

Prescription Protection Insurance

Insurance for prescriptions is an important aspect of any health insurance policy. Due to the overwhelming cost of prescription medication, health policies without this coverage leave subscribers vulnerable.

Pharmaceutical Consultants

The pharmaceutical industry continues to grow rapidly. And there’s a lot more to the industry than the drug store pharmacist.

Veterinary Drugs

When owners of animals take their pets to the veterinary clinic, they expect to get the pet medications that they need immediately. Therefore, it's vital that you plan for the wide array of ailments that you will need to treat.

Hospitals in Illinois

There are hundreds of Illinois hospitals ranging in size from community and rural hospitals to large urban and teaching hospitals. Many hospitals in Illinois are highly ranked in the areas of patient safety, research, and specialty care.


Bank checks are often overlooked as an important piece of your business or home transactions. Whether you rent or own your home or business, chances are you write out a few checks each month to pay for utilities, food, supplies and upkeep.

Dental Drills and Handpieces

Whether drilling a single cavity or performing a root canal, dental drills and handpieces are essential dentist tools. Depending on the type of procedures you routinely perform, you need to have not only the right handpiece, but one you're comfortable using.

Small Business Checking

Choosing the best small business checking account to accommodate your banking needs is an important decision every business owner needs to make. Not all business checking accounts are created equal and the needs of small or medium-sized business can be vastly different from those of Fortune 500 corporations. The best small business checking account should simplify your banking needs, not complicate them.  

Because choosing a small business checking account is so important, you want to make sure you spend time researching the options that are available. You should pick a checking account based on the type and location of your business, your transaction requirements and your cash deposit requirements. Here are a few of the top considerations for small business checking that you need to keep in mind before signing up for a new account:  

  • Cost of transfers and transactions. While a small business checking account may seem like a great fit, make sure you’re paying attention to the associated cost of money transfers, overseas transactions, and other potentially hidden fees.
  • Quality of the online banking platform. Online banking is crucial for small businesses watching their bottom lines. The online banking platform connected your small business checking account needs to have up-to-date balances, transaction histories, and the ability to make payments at the minimum.
  • Customer payment processing. While a business with a lower volume and higher transactions may just require a standard checking account, businesses with greater transactions such as e-Commerce stores may need a merchant account that allows customer credit card processing to easily integrate with your business checking account.

Small businesses are all about the bottom line. Without the right checking account, you could be spending more on your banking than intended. Do your research to find a small business checking account that meets your needs. Compare small business checking accounts from banks that are used to accommodating the needs of small businesses such as yours and in the industry that your business is in.

Types of Business Checking Accounts

There are 4 key areas to consider when determining what type of business checking account your small business needs. Have your expected minimum balance and average number of transactions per month handy as these are crucial in determining the type of business checking account your small business will be a best fit for. 

  • Basic: These types of checking accounts often have no monthly fee or a very low one. However, they also often have lower transaction and cash deposit limits.
  • Premium: Nearly all businesses qualify, but the monthly fee will be greater than that of a basic account. The average balance to have fees waived, the transaction limit and cash deposit limit are often greater, however.
  • Non-profit: Non-profit, sole proprietor and government entities are the only ones eligible. With low monthly fees, these types of accounts typically have a $5,000 minimum requirement for fees to be waived.
  • Analyzed: Here, the monthly fee, balance for fee waiving, transaction limit and cash deposit limit all vary. You’ll need to discuss this type of account directly with a banker who will assess your needs as these accounts are more individualized.

Cost Savings

When selecting your checking account, look for ways your business can benefit by opening an account with one business over another. As of July 21, 2011, a federal prohibition against the payment of interest on business checking accounts was repealed. As a result, business checking accounts can now accrue interest.

Take a look at whether or not the accounts you’re considering let you earn interest. Take a look at the types of accounts listed above and see if you meet your bank’s requirements for getting fees waived. While a great interest rate and no fees is the ideal situation, you may not be able to make both happen. Narrow down your options and calculate whether or not the interest or the waived fees will benefit your business the most. 

If you're interested in a business checking account, you may also want to look at business credit cards.

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