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Products and services that assist educational institutions in monitoring tuition payments.

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Tuition Management Systems

Programs to help families afford education.

Tuition Management Systems

TMS Campus Advantage combines technology and people to deliver best-in- class tuition payment solutions while providing a superior customer experience.

Payment Plans | Tuition Management Systems

Our payment plans allow your families to spread tuition payments over several months – creating smaller, more manageable payments. The best part is you tell  ...

Billing Services | Tuition Management Systems

What are our valued customers saying? "We now send monthly ebills to our students via TMS, which reduces the time and cost involved in our billing process .".

Payment Gateway & Portals | Tuition Management Systems

What are our valued customers saying? "TMS provides a valuable resource to smaller colleges and universities like Concordia: a streamlined, low maintenance , ...

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About Us | Tuition Management Systems

Tuition Management Systems (TMS) was founded in 1985 by two brothers, native to Rhode Island, who desired to help families afford a quality education with ...

Tuition Management | FACTS Management

The industry's leading tuition management and payment processing system. ... Our financial management dashboard lets you manage your financials at a ...

FACTS Management | FACTS Management

We provide private and faith-based schools with the nation's leading Tuition Management, Financial Aid Assessment, and School Management solutions.


We're sorry, you are using a browser that may not be compatible with this site. Some features of this site may not work properly with your browser. To download a ...

Billing & Tuition Management | TADS

Most billing and tuition management tools do too little to help schools. TADS tuition management is an efficient, flexible system that gives schools control of their ...

Tuition Management Systems | Belmont University | Nashville, TN

Belmont, in partnership with Tuition Management Systems, offers an interest-free monthly installment plan for an annual enrollment fee of $55.00. Students may ...

Guide to Tuition Management

Tuition management services are popular for families but also provide a great deal of benefit for the schools the children attend. These services provide stability of cash flow for the school and relieve the school from entering the collection business.

When you use the services as part of your school's package, you bring in additional revenue from parents that previously thought that schooling was out of reach. Because tuition management companies reduce the workload and the expense that the school normally would bear, they provide affordable payments that the school might not have the resources to undertake. Consider the following benefits of tuition management:
  1. Online tuition management creates an account that covers all children of a family, and encourages parents to use one school.
  2. A tuition payment management program handles all the financial details of tuition and allows the school to focus on the education of the child.
  3. Tuition management reduces data entry needs when the company links directly to your system.

Find private school tuition management services

There are several different options for tuition management. Find a management service that offers a broad spectrum of options and specializes in the area of private school tuition management for grades K through 12. Many online management services offer not only regular paper payments, but also credit card and automatic bank payments. Some companies bill for incidental fees so you never have to invoice any items.

Search for college tuition management for your school

Today it is imperative that colleges offer forms of financial assistance. Most colleges have staffing to find additional monies but it may be more beneficial to use an outside source for the information. Outside sources provide personal advice to each parent and keep staffing costs at a minimum.

Look for tuition management companies that offer more

Find a manager that not only provides a good tuition payment management system but also has other opportunities to create affordable tuition to parents.
  • Compare the opportunities with the various companies and select the ones that match the needs of your students and their families. Each offer additional opportunities that make them more valuable.

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