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Working with Amusement Park Designers

Amusement park design is a fun and exciting business, but it also has a very serious side as well. Theme parks design firms carefully consider all the variables that go into an amusement park project, including the excitement generated by a new and innovative idea, how feasible the concept is with the allotted space and budget, and other business aspects of the theme park design.

Theme Park Design, Theme Park Master Plan, Resort Design ...

From high-tech thrill rides to oases of relaxation, Thinkwell master plans & designs world-class destination theme parks & resorts.

Theme Parks - Entertainment Designer

Theme Park Design. Walt Disney is credited with developing the modern theme park; he was inspired by several smaller amusement parks, World's Fairs and ...

Entertainment Designer - Theme Park Design & Museum News

We publish articles about the latest and greatest in entertainment design: theme parks, museums, restaurants, hotels, and much more, taking a special interest in  ...

Theme Park Design. How do I get started? -

by Nate Naversen. So, you want to be a theme park designer, do you? I get hundreds of emails every year from people who want to design rides and other ...

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Apogee Attractions : Theme Park Design : Amusement Park Design ...

To companies around the world, Apogee Attractions offers a full spectrum of services for theme park design, amusement park design, water parks, themed ...

Amusement Park Design: How to Begin

Although the actual amusement park design process differs from one project to another, this page outlines a typical initial design approach.

Amusement Park Physics -- Design a Roller Coaster

Design a Roller Coaster. Try your hand at designing your own roller coaster. You will be building a conceptual coaster using the physics concepts that are used ...

International Theme Park Services, Inc.

From the initial feasibility study, into design, to the operational manuals and ... investors for its research and viewpoint on the global theme park, attraction, and  ...

The Totally Fun Company - Peter Alexander - Theme Park Designer ...

Theme park events and show productions, stunt shows and family entertainment center design, engineering and production.

Themed Attraction and Theme Park Design - Theme Park Company

Here are companies that design theme parks or create themed experiences, entertainment architecture, dark rides, shows, or other theme park attractions.

Amusement Park Design | Dry Play System Design - Prime Play

Prime Play is an amusement park design company and dry play system designers for large-scale amusement parks all over the world.

Amusement Park Designers

Theme park engineering is a complicated creative task, and it takes a large amount of experience and knowledge to put together a theme park experience that will attract the constant flow of visitors you want. Whether you're opening up a new amusement park or redesigning and renovating an existing one, look for assistance from a them park design company. Theme park designers are knowledgeable about all the essentials you need for a successful park: rides, attractions, and the overall look and feel.

Find amusement park designers on the Internet. Their websites can give you a good idea of their areas of specialization and examples of previous projects they've worked on. Find a theme park design company for any of your needs, including:
  1. Find consulting help for the amusement park design process from a theme park designer.
  2. Get help with artistic direction and create a cohesive look and feel for your whole park or for a specific attraction.
  3. Contact a theme park ride designer for help with specific rides or attractions.

Find a theme park design firm to help with every step of development

Amusement park design is a long process from the time you conceive the idea of your park to the day the gates open and you start taking tickets. It helps to have an expert consultant at your side every step of the way so you know you're on the right track.

Contact a theme park design company to complete an overall look and feel

If you have specific attractions, shows or restaurants in your theme park that need fine tuning, find theme park designers specializing in design consulting. Have a professional help you realize your vision and create the perfect look for all of your attractions.

Find a theme park ride designer to create the perfect attraction

If you want people to come to your theme park, you need an attraction that will draw them in droves. Contact a theme park ride designer if you're creating a new park or looking to expand the selection of entertainment at your theme park.

  • When choosing a theme park design company, be sure to ask for samples of previous work they've done so you can have a good idea of the type and quality of projects they're capable of.

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