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Directory of cellular and paging service providers. Scan special offers for business from cell phone service providers and get the cellular and paging services you need to stay mobile.

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Services vary between cellular and paging service providers, as do fees and features. As cell phones and paging systems become more high tech, we demand more from these products.

Cellular and Paging Service Providers Basics

Not too many years ago, the competition in the cell phone and pager provider industry was sparse at best. The options available to a business were limited and the cellular and paging services from each provider didn't differ considerably.

Making the Most of Cellular and Paging Service Providers

It seems like an obvious tactic to choose a cellular and paging service provider that best fits the specialized need of your business. However, when a business is making the most of cellular and paging service providers, they often overlook this point.

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Cell Phone Service Providers for Your Small Business

Only a few years ago, small business owners had to leave their customers hanging, even if they had a paging service. With cellular plans, reaching your customers is now a matter of instant gratification -- and a better bottom line.

Choosing among cell phone service providers is not easy. Unless you have a good idea of your actual phone use, you'll likely make the choice on the cheapest monthly rate. Don't make that error. Look at your real minutes each month, and shop around.

In this guide, you'll learn:

1. What to expect from national cellular service providers
2. Advantages of regional cell phone plans
3. When to look at pre-paid and flat-rate cellular plans
4. Coming high-speed wireless phone service

Choosing among national cellular plan providers

When cell phone service providers began bidding on frequencies in the 1990s, it seemed that U.S. businesses would have dozens of options. Since then, market forces and the cost of building out have pushed cell phone service providers to merge.
cell phone service providers and paging service providers.

When to choose regional cellular service providers

The grip on the national scene by bigger cellular service and paging service providers does not mean they are the best deal for you. Smaller cell phone service providers have perfectly fine local coverage and can roam nationally. They compete on price, too.
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Considering flat or pre-paid cell phone plans

One of the latest trends in cellular plans is the flat monthly fee wireless phone service plan. Instead of counting minutes, you pay, say, $40 or $50 but talk until the cows come home. Beware of pricing. Like regular cellular plans, the monthly quote does not include local and federal taxes on wireless phone service, and these plans rarely give away the handset like traditional cellular plans do.
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What's next from cellular service providers

EVDO, UMTS, 3G and 4G ... there's an alphabet soup of acronyms, but it all means one thing: Cellular networks are catching up to broadband in terms of speed. That means online maps, people locaters, micropayments -- even live TV right on your phone.
  • Cell phone plans often come in business packages with a huge bucket of minutes -- virtually limitless talk -- and cheap or free national long-distance. Look beyond personal cell phone plans when shopping.
  • What's the best deal? Probably buying your phone through a Web consolidator. They often give you one or even a pair of high-end phones free and even pay you to sign up for a plan.
  • Wireless phone service should improve in the coming years as spectrum is added. If your service now is shoddy or your phone is busted, it's a good time to switch cell phone service providers. Remember, numbers are portable now.