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Makers and sellers of check readers for retail transactions.

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MICR Check Reader - Same Day Shipping. Low Prices, Always.

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) readers allow you to easily read the account and routing information from a check. Many models now also provide ...

How does MICR scanning Work? - Digital Check Corporation

As the check enters the scan path, the magnetic ink passes over a magnet in the ... The MICR read head is a device built into the scanner designed to read the ...

Check Readers - 1st National Payment Solutions

Do you accept checks? Take a look at our inventory of Check Readers (check scanners) for credit card machines, terminals, and registers.

Check Readers | ACS Technologies

Save time with quick and accurate check readers. Make processing checks a breeze with these fast and easy to use check readers. : Mini-MICR USB Check Reader - format 1100 check ...

Single-feed MICR reader with a reliable and durable design. Mini MICR is ideal for retail and financial applications where fast and accurate MICR reading is ...

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Retail and Services Point of Sale Check Readers | eBay

Visit eBay for great deals in Retail and Services Point of Sale Check Readers. Shop eBay!

MagTek Documentation > Check Reading

Application Notes: Encrypting Check Scanners Extended Maintenance ... STX Single Transaction Check Reader/Scanner/Printer Main Controller Hardware ...

Brochure - MagTek

of check transactions every day are processed with MagTek check readers and ... businesses, MagTek check readers and scanners deliver flexibility, accuracy ...

NPC - Check Readers and Card Readers

Our partner, MagTek, is a leader in electronic check transaction technology with MICR check readers. MagTek also manufactures magnetic stripe card readers ...

Check Readers | Credit Card Machines

Find the best prices on check readers from Merchant Warehouse.

Check Readers - POSComputerCorp2

MagTek Check Reader Products Pricing includes all S&H except for AK & HI. For AK & HI please email in your order. Products are non-returnable. We will assist ...

Check readers - Ingenico

Checks readers provide additional security to non-electronic payment. When connected to a payment terminal or cash register check readers read and print ...

Check Readers

A bank check reader, designed to gather information such as routing number, account number and dollar amount, helps businesses safeguard against fraud. Though bank check readers vary widely in price and features, a bank check reader typically offers the ability to store images, verify sufficient funds and reduce data entry errors.

A B2B check reader directory can help any business find the right check reader products. Many companies don't like taking risks when it comes to payment transactions. Although no system is flawless, a quality check reader can not only offer your clients another form of payment, but can also keep you, the business owner, from accepting fraudulent checks or checks returned because of insufficient funds.

Consider the following while shopping for a check reader distributor:

1. Use a B2B check reader directory to find your bank check reader.

2. Consider using refurbished or leased equipment.

3. Implement a check acceptance system that's right for your business.

Wade easily through multiple products and prices, and find a check reader online

Looking for a check reader online is confusing, considering the sheer variety of check readers and check reader manufacturers. Although the volume of information can make it hard to decide on the most important features, all check readers should reduce fraud at the point of sale.

Cut your cost in half with refurbished check readers

A quality check scanner isn't necessarily expensive if you're willing to purchase gently-used equipment. Like so much other business electronic equipment, there are tons of websites offering your business used equipment. Websites that specialize in both buying and selling equipment will allow you to buy used equipment and return it for resale if it isn't the right fit for your needs.

Consider leasing your check scanner

Finding a reasonable check reader price combined with the right support is something to consider. If you're buying a check reader for the first time or do business only seasonally, leasing a system allows you to pay a monthly fee and includes all of the support perks year-round.
  • Finding a solid check reader manufacturer is only the first step. If you're thinking of offering your clients the option to pay by check, offer it only to established clients who you know rely heavily on your services.

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