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Procurement and purchasing resources for government contracting.

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Government Procurement Education and Training

Government procurement education and training is highly recommended for business consultants whose clients are vendors that want to secure government procurement opportunities. Even if you know nothing about the processing of bidding for government contracts, some background reading and a little online searching through readily accessible government data bases can help you understand the benefits of government contracts and how to register your clients to bid for them.

Government Procurement Key Terms

Agencies at the local, state and federal levels spend trillions of dollars annually on products and services so if you are a small, medium, or large business you will want to find a way to do business with government procurement departments. The opportunities for businesses that sell electronics, information technology, construction and engineering abound.

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Government procurement typically comprises 10 percent to 15 percent of a country's GDP. The first major government procurement agreement was the 1979  ...

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Procurement communities and champions to convene in Philly. Government Procurement Contributor. Lighting controls comply with regulations, save money.

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Making the Most of Government Procurement

Making the most of government procurement includes finding opportunities to make sales to the government, being able to act quickly when opportunities arise, and making the sale. Agencies at the federal, state and local level spend trillions of dollars each year on government contracts with private companies. Opportunities exist in electronics, information technology, financial services, engineering, construction and many other areas.

Selling to the government is lucrative, but there are some differences from selling to private companies. Preparation, including paperwork and other administrative tasks, is necessary. Some things to do to be successful in dealing with government sector procurement include:

1. Get registered with necessary agencies to get involved in United States government procurement.

2. Stay on top of upcoming opportunities by having them delivered to your inbox.

3. Get professional assistance in learning how to find opportunities and make the sale.

Get registered to get involved with U.S. government procurement

The first step in U.S. government procurement procedures is registering with specific federal agencies. These agencies make it easy to make changes to your company information and provide everything you need to register. Registration is free, and completing it even before you're ready to find selling opportunities will help to get you prepared.
Central Contractor Registration. Some agencies also require contractors to be registered with Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA). ORCA allows contractors to enter information once to be used for all contracts.

Use a subscription service for timely information about government procurement opportunities

Subscription services can keep your company informed of upcoming sales opportunities. Most offer free and paid subscriptions with different levels of services.

Get assistance with finding opportunities and dealing with government procurement agencies

Consultants have experience dealing with federal, state and local governments. They can assist with finding opportunities, doing research, marketing, public relations and sales techniques.
  • When your company gets involved with federal government purchasing, your information must be kept up to date. Make changes to your online registration with ORCA whenever your company information changes.

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Receive tips, tools, and case studies with the Advisor, our weekly email newsletter

Thanks! We just sent your first issue

306,241 Subscribers