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These days, the tech sector is getting a good look from anyone with a little knowledge about how to use the web and wireless technology to their advantage; in a slow market, ISP startup solutions may be one way to still remain relevant to demand and make a good bit of money. Setting up an Internet service provider startup combines business sense with tech skills, and with these, plus a head for investing, a startup ISP can go a long way.

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An ISP startup is often an attractive option for tech-savvy people who want to take off in a new direction as entrepreneurs. But the ISP includes a lot of setup details and issues regarding how to plan good Internet services, and how to compete with other ISPs.

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An ISP business has great growth potential, but you have to know where to begin . Therefore, you need to search among the many available ISP startup solutions ...

Building An ISP- Total Solution Overview

Hotware-Zigwire's Solution Wireless ISP provides everything needed to build a ... href="

Two Brothers Built Their Own Internet Service Provider on the Roof ...

Dec 4, 2013 ... Not a tech startup, or an e-commerce site, but a full-on internet ... All of his clients were dissatisfied, he said, and he offered a solution that was ...

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My own private ISP - Datamation

Aug 25, 1999 ... Setting up your own Internet service provider can sometimes be the only way to ... Other companies, mostly home businesses and geek startups, rely .... and join James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions as he …

Startup of the week / Helping the little ISP in Uganda - Start-up of the ...

Oct 1, 2013 ... “The company came about from an Internet compacting solution and volume conservation. We realized that communications operators pay a ...

Start an ISP Business: ISP Startup Tips |

Nov 29, 1999 ... ... on raising money and finding potential investors for your ISP startup. ... They could be hardware vendors or business solutions companies.

Article - How to set up an internet service provider business - LULug

Apr 18, 2012 ... To commence we need to understand that an ISP is first and foremost a ... mainly to the startup business for which I'm writing this note anyway. ... But even this solution alone is not sufficient to deliver the highest availability. ISP Resources - Network Startup Resource Center

Dec 19, 2008 ... And, based on this experience we do not, generally, recommend Microsoft solutions to build a reliable and secure ISP infrastructure. We do ...

Small Business Internet - The Startup Business and Broadband

Apr 22, 2013 ... Small Business Internet can help your Startup Business. ... the large-volume of options, sourcing the best ISP, highest Internet speed, and critical business ... The Truth Regarding Small Business Internet Solutions for Startups.

Satellite ISP, WISP, and internet cafe operators -

Altogether, this iDirect backbone system provides a satellite ISP with the flexibility to startup with a less expensive BIR/CIR connectivity solution and upgrade ...

ISP Startup Solutions for Beginners

Looking to create an ISP startup? It's an ambitious exercise with the proliferation of today's "big providers." However, the success of many small e-businesses catering to an increased online consumer base has led many to believe that a business like an Internet service provider startup may be a great way to turn a profit.

If you're just taking a look into the startup business, as a novice with little or no prior experience, you will need all of the resources at your disposal. The web can be a great place to start with a little savvy business planning before going all-out with a plan to set up an ISP business startup. The Internet offers resources for ISP startup solutions for beginners, such as:

1. Surveys of what kind of gear and equipment can adequately supply a certain startup ISP of a specific size and scope.

2. Resources for feasibility studies and more for business intelligence and due diligence at the outset of business planning.

3. Public info pages detailing the experiences of other in similar kinds of enterprise.

Go shopping: Price gear for an ISP startup

One aspect of an ISP startup is the "stuff" that will be used to set up a working and functional ISP service. Yes, a lot of technical know-how is necessary, but so is the hardware, and looking at hardware costs is a great beginning step for learning about the financial end of this kind of business.

Get help with feasibility studies for ISP startup businesses

Another great resource is the "feasibility study." Whether formal (hiring engineers and accountants) or informal (creating an in-house study with web resources), a feasibility study can help beginners figure out how likely it is that they will reap rewards on a project like an ISP startup.

Seek out more resources from detailed accounts of ISP startup activities online

Other sites can give beginners a greater sense of how startups get done in an online environment: take a look and try to maximize knowledge before starting out in this dynamic endeavor.