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Makers and sellers of key machines, for key blanks and key duplication.

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Supplies for Key Machines

If your locksmith or retail business involves duplicating keys, then it's important to keep supplies for key machines on hand. Most providers of key machines or a manufacturer of key machines will have supplies available.

Key Machines Education and Training

There are many resources available if you are a locksmith in need of key machines education and training resources for your employees. In order for a business to be successful, you as a business owner should make training for key cutting machines a priority for your employees.

Key Machines Key Terms

Ever notice that keys come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes? All of these different keys are shaped by key cutting machines, which duplicate keys either based on template information designated by a factory code or by carving the shape of an existing key into a blank, featureless key ready for copying. These key terms will help you get started with a basic understanding of what key cutting machines do.

ILCO Key Systems - Key Machines - Kaba Ilco

Key Systems Key Machines. ... These machines are for cutting all traditional cylinder and edge-cut automotive keys. Read More · Laser-Cut Close-Up ...



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Key Machines | eBay

Find great deals on eBay for Key Machines in Locksmith Equipment. Shop with confidence.

minuteKEY - The world's first ever self-service, fully automated key ...

The world's first ever self-service, fully automated key duplication kiosk. ... minuteKEY. Kiosk Locator; Key Locator; The Company; Press; The Machine; Video.

Discount Key Machines

We offer the Absolute Lowest Discount Prices on ALL of our Key Machines! ... LASER STYLE KEYS BY CODE & DUPLICATION ON ONE MACHINE!

Keyline USA: Home

Leader in high resolution key cutting machines. KEYLINE BLOG A space where to share our passion for the key business, the technology, the innovation.

Key Cutting Machines, PC Computerized Code Cutter: Hillman Group

The Hillman Group has enjoyed over four decades serving the hardware/home improvement industry. We are the premier distributor of fasteners, keys, letters, ...

Key Machines, Key Machines, Semi-Automatic Key ... - LV Sales Inc

From the most basic key cutting machines to the most advanced computer operated key cutting machines, LV Sales provides a wide selection.

Key Machines - Hy-Ko Keys

Hy-Ko's Key Machine Center. Hy-Ko's key machines are engineered specifically for hardware retailers. They are reliable and durable for high-volume use.

Key Machines

Key machines are used by construction companies, locksmiths and property owners. By purchasing a key duplication machine, you'll be able to give your customers the peace of mind of knowing that their property is locked securely. In turn, you'll save money on both theft losses and key cutting fees. Many used key machines are available to help you get started in this cost-saving venture at a lower cost.

When looking at various key cutting machines for sale, among the key points to consider are:

1. The availability of local providers of key machines;

2. The possibility of purchasing a used key machine;

3. The ability to choose a key cutting machine with high-end security features.

Search first for local options for providers of key machines

In most areas, there isn't a plethora of companies that offer a key machine for sale. If you're lucky enough to have one, use it quickly to avoid having to pay shipping costs. But if not, there are many online options to purchase your new key machine.

Find a provider of used key cutting machines

Key duplication machines are not inexpensive by any means. But you can save yourself quite a bit of money by purchasing a used key machine and then upgrading later if needed.

Secure your client's property using one of the high-security key duplicating machines on the market

Occasionally, it's important to your client that the keys to their property be unavailable for duplication at just any key duplication shop. By purchasing a high-security key cutting machine, you can offer your clients a better product for the same price as they were expecting before.

  • If you can place the key cutting machine in a limited-access area, you can give your clients even more secure keys because there will be less likelihood of a rogue employee making keys without your knowledge.

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306,241 Subscribers