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A Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier, or NVOCC, is a company that purchases ocean cargo freight space and sub-sells it to smaller companies looking to ship less than an entire freight of goods. These companies serve as a sort of cargo consolidator, providing all of the services a typical freight carrier provides, without being the company that actually transports the products.

Making the Most of NVOCC

NVOCC or "non-vessel operating common carrier" companies do a lot for businesses: they help break down cargo loads for boats, allowing businesses to share space and minimize cost. They also help with much of the difficult logistics of going to any specific port area with cargo.

NVOCC News and Trends

Non-vessel operating common carrier or NVOCC companies help get the tricky shipping jobs done for companies that want to send goods overseas. Whether it's westward across the Pacific or eastward across the Atlantic, NVOCC companies really assist their clients in finding the best and quickest ways to port.

Licensed NVOCCs - Federal Maritime Commission

FMC Home · OTI Home · Ocean Freight Forwarders · NVOCCs ... Regarding Foreign-Based, Unlicensed Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC).

What is non vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC)? definition ...

Definition of non vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC): A shipment consolidator or freight forwarder who does not own any vessel, but functions as a  ...

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Who is an NVOCC Operator and difference between a freight ...

Jan 6, 2010 ... NVOCC = Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier is ALMOST the same as a Freight Forwarder in terms of his activities.. However there are ...

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Feb 28, 2013 ... When shipping containers from A to B, there's a number of situations that can come up each and every day. Staying prepared for anything is a ...

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Nvocc Definition: NVOCC stands for Non Vessel Owning Common Carrier. NVOCC operation comprises of sales, stuffing and transport of the containers to ...

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A freight forwarder, forwarder, or forwarding agent, also known as a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC), is a person or company that organizes ...

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Ocean freight forwarding company based in the Los Angeles, CA area, NVOCC ( Neutral Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier). As an Importer / exporter, ...

NVOCC Companies - Ocean Freight Companies

NVOCC Companies - Ocean Cargo Directory listing NVOCC Companies and Ocean Freight Companies.

Guidance on NVOCC Freight Filing Operation

Guidance on NVOCC Freight Filing Operation. I. General Provisions. i. For the purpose of regulating the pricing activities of international container transport ...


Non-vessel operating common carrier, or NVOCC, companies purchase freight room on ocean-going vessels and then resell it to other freight haulers. They are able to reduce the shippers' overall freight cost by consolidating the shipments of several shippers into a single container. This works in everyone’s favor: the shippers receive lower rates, the NVOCC companies make money as intermediaries and the shipping companies sell all of their space.

NVOCC shipping is a boon to small shippers. Many companies specialize in shipping in either the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans so it's important to know the final destination of your cargo. When using a NVOCC company, your cargo isn’t necessarily insured as normal so double-check your situation in advance. Keep the following factors in mind when using NVOCC services:

1. NVOCC freight forwarders working in east Asia can help you break into this difficult economy.

2. Many NVOCC logistics companies specialize in certain shipping areas, such as Europe or the Middle East.

3. Your insurance coverage may change when using NVOCC shippers.

Find NVOCC freight forwarders in the Pacific for shipments to China, Japan and the Pacific Rim

It is notoriously difficult to establish stable trade with Pacific Rim countries. By choosing a NVOCC company that already has established relationships with Pacific transporters, you can assure you cargo arrives where and when it should.

Use NVOCC services in the Atlantic to ship to Europe, Africa or the Middle East

The port density in European, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern shipping zones can be overwhelming for a new shipper. Using established NVOCC companies will help you navigate the difficult shipping lanes in this congested area.

Find NVOCC companies that will insure your goods if your standard insurance doesn't cover them

Shipping your cargo through middlemen will often change the insurance coverage. Always double-check your coverage and pick up NVOCC insurance if necessary.

  • Many NVOCC companies have partnerships with intermodal companies both in North America and around their common ports overseas. It is possible that a single company can provide door-to-door service for your cargo.