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Disaster Planning | - Small Business Administration

You can protect your business by identifying the risks associated with natural and man-made disasters, and by creating a plan for action should a disaster strike.

Sample Business Emergency Plan -

For more information, visit or call 1-800-BE-READY. Business Emergency Plan. Business Continuity and Disaster Preparedness Plan  ...

How to Create a Disaster Plan - Small Business - - Guides

Preparing for the worst can help minimize the risk to a small business. Sample disaster plans are widely available on the Internet, including the SBA\'s Web site,  ...

Disaster Planning, Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity

Disaster Planning. We're pleased to provide you with a copy of Disaster Planning , Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity. This document is a ...

Prepare My Business - Planning

Disaster Planning Can Reduce Time to Recovery and Expense. Major disasters, such as earthquakes and large-scale power outages, are rare. Smaller ...

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Prepare My Business - Home

Disaster planning and preparedness can be your lifeline to staying in business. With proper education, planning, testing and disaster assistance, you will be ...

Disaster Planning for Businesses | Business Disaster Preparedness ...

Disaster planning for businesses ensures survival. Business disaster preparedness from The Hartford includes prevention and recovery tips.

DisasterSafety - Open for Business®

OFB-EZ (Open For Business-EZ) is a free business continuity tool designed to help even the smallest businesses focus on planning for any type of business ...


Many businesses that are forced to close after a disaster never reopen at all. ... This guide can help you get started on a plan to prepare your small business.

10 Point Plan to Prepare Small Businesses for Disasters

If you prepare a disaster recovery plan, and practice a dry run of the plan, a disaster does not have to surprise you or your business. Your business disaster ...

Open for Business: A Disaster Planning Toolkit For The Small ...

Open for Business: A Disaster Planning Toolkit For The Small Business Owner from the Institute for Business and Home Safety is being made available by ...

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning Definition and ...

CSO — Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are processes that help organizations prepare for disruptive events—whether an event might be a ...

Natural Disasters

With hurricane Katrina and the tsunami in Sumatra in 2004, natural disasters are beginning to take root in the forefront of the public mind. Believe it or not, there are still many people who are not prepared to face the aftermath of a natural disaster.

There are scores of natural disasters every year including hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and more. Being prepared for a disaster is one of the most important things you can do for you and your family or business. Some important things to remember when getting prepared:

1. Check with your local and state government to learn how to deal with natural disaster in your area

2. In risk management, natural disasters are at the top of the list in many insurance companies

3. Help organize your neighborhood for natural disaster preparedness

Buy insurance for the most common natural disasters

Insurance is the best way to protect your assets. While making sure you remain solvent after a disaster, remember that your family or your employees are the most important things to take care of. Having insurance will help ensure that you have covered your costs. offers a flood risk assessment and the chance to buy flood insurance for your area. One of the best references for insurance is FEMA, offering the ability to find local insurance agents based on your zip code.

Put together a survival pack for a natural disaster

As much as we don't like to think about natural disasters, the natural disaster business has appeared to help the average person prepare for a natural disaster. You can purchase single person survival packs or enough packs to take care of all your employees.

Plan ahead with natural disaster management planning

The effect of natural disasters on businesses and families is devastating. The most important thing to prepare for any kind of natural disaster is to plan. There are some great resources out there to help you and your family or business plan for what we all hope never happens.
Ready America. They also have lots of information regarding planning for home, school and workplace disasters. The Disaster Survival Planning Network offers a number of different products geared toward planning for a disaster. Additional information on planning and survival kits is available in other areas of their site.
  • A natural disaster is one of the worst possible things that can happen. Take a weekend and make a plan, get supplies and otherwise prepare for natural disasters. It could just save some lives.