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Offers storage services and facilities for refrigerated products.

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Preferred Freezer Services - Refrigerated Warehousing

Feb 21, 2014 ... Miami #3. FL, USA - View the web cam to see our third warehouse in Miami. Houston #3. Houston, Texas - Expansion on our Houston facility ...

Cold Storage Freezer Warehouse Locations

Preferred Freezer Services offers state-of-the-art, temperature controlled, cold ... to be one of the largest Public Refrigerated Warehouse companies in the world.

Why Preferred Freezer Services - Cold Storage Facilities and ...

Many of our cold storage warehouse facilities are in close proximity to major ports throughout the U.S allowing easy access to major highways that decrease ...

Refrigerated - Henningsen Cold Storage Company

Cold storage, frozen storage, refrigerated and frozen warehousing company offering ... storage and full service frozen and refrigerated warehousing solutions in Idaho, ... provides a rock solid, customer-focused network of modern facilities.

New Orleans Cold Storage | Refrigerated Facilities & Logistics ...

New Orleans Cold Storage is one of the world's leading providers of logistics services for the handling of dry, time and temperature sensitive cargoes.

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Cold Storage For Sale and Rent - LoopNet

Browse Cold Storage properties, refrigerated facilities and ...

TranSystems - Cold Storage Facility Design | Transystems

TranSystems understands that whether you are the owner of a major food chain, local grocery store, food manufacturer or you're the US Air Force needing to ...

Japan (Cold Storage Facilities) - Food Safety and Inspection Service

Eligible Plant List for Japan (Cold Storage Facilities). (Apr 11 ...

The Top 100 3PL & Cold Storage Providers for 2012 - Food Logistics

Aug 21, 2012 ... Freight pickup arrangement - Dock services - Cold Storage - USDA export ... our network includes 15+ million square feet of warehouse space, ...

Cold storage, frozen storage, refrigerated warehousing and cold ...

Cold storage, frozen storage, refrigerated and frozen warehousing, temperature controlled storage and full service cold freight solutions. ... headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin with refrigerated and frozen storage facilities in Green Bay and ...

Fond Du Lac Cold Storage - NJ's Premier Warehouse Facility

Provides added value services. State of the art refrigeration equipment. Super clean food facility. Specializing in Wine and Cheese. Temperature controlled wine ...

Warehousing Services - Empire Warehouse

Warehousing Services Facilities and Storage Services meeting ... up to the facility with their trailer doors closed and sealed to protect cargo from heat and cold.

Refrigerated Storage Services and Facilities

Your most important asset is the product you sell, so protecting your goods from damage and keeping them fresh with refrigerated storage services is vital. It's big business: The frozen food and refrigerated products industry in the U.S. nets $230 billion yearly.

Refrigerated storage units and warehouses are equipped with special technology to regulate temperature and may even be located underground in some areas. Most refrigerated storage services and facilities offer transportation and may be located near a port or manufacturing site, promoting speedy delivery.

There are many factors to consider and decisions to make when selecting a facility or cold storage container. Think about the following:

1. While price is a consideration when choosing industrial refrigerated storage, you need to analyze the best conditions for your individual product such as climate control, security and space.

2. Make sure to tour the refrigerated storage facility. Don't trust what you see in the brochure to be completely accurate.

3. Pay close attention to terms and conditions on the refrigerated storage services contract. This section will often reveal hidden charges or other clauses that may be undesirable.

Check out refrigerated storage facilities

Whether you need cold refrigeration storage or frozen storage, a variety of facilities exist to accommodate your needs. When choosing a pre-existing facility to lease space in, think about location and how it would impact your bottom line when it comes to transportation.

Locate a refrigerated storage container

If having a storage container on site is the best option for you, don't fret. A wide variety of containers-in all sizes to suit your specifications-can be purchased or leased.

For large needs, consider refrigerated warehouse storage

If your needs dictate a larger size than what containers allow, consider a warehouse. Some companies will build a warehouse for you. That's the perfect way to get exactly what you want, where you want it. Otherwise, consider existing warehouse facilities.
  • Humidity as well as temperature is controlled in refrigerated storage space. Humidity levels are usually set at 50% with temperatures between 50 and 80 degrees.