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Revolving Doors Education and Training

One convenience many companies give to customers is the entrance through revolving doors. Revolving doors offer customers an added service and add eye appeal to a business.

Revolving Door Key Terms

There are considerable benefits to knowing revolving doors key terms when renovating or building a new structure. Whether a revolving door is a luxury item for high-end apartment buildings or a necessity for hotels and business with high pedestrian volume, an understanding of the terminology can make your job easier.

Revolving door - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A revolving door typically consists of three or four doors that hang on a central shaft and rotate around a vertical axis within a cylindrical enclosure. Revolving ...

Revolving door (politics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In politics, the "revolving door" is a movement of personnel between roles as legislators and regulators and the industries affected by the legislation and ...

Gorillaz - Revolving doors | The Fall - YouTube

Dec 25, 2010 ... New song from the new album "THE FALL" ( Gorillaz 'The Fall' All tracks written and performed by Gorillaz using the iPad ...

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DORMA Products | Opening & Closing | Revolving Doors

Crane revolving doors are available in hundreds of ...

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Revolving Door. Although the influence powerhouses that line Washington's K Street are just a few miles from the U.S. Capitol building, the most direct path ...

International Revolving Door Company

International Revolving Doors - 100% Made in the USA. Welcome! Whether you' re looking for contemporary, traditional, or innovative & high quality revolving ...

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Oct 17, 2013 ... Revolving Doors is a charity working across England to change systems and improve services for people with multiple problems including poor ...

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Nov 7, 2013 ... By far the best design podcast around—and one of the best podcasts, period—is Roman Mars' 99% Invisible. On it he covers design questions ...

Do revolving doors really save energy compared with swinging doors?

Jul 29, 2008 ... My office building just had its entryway refurbished. Now, we have a huge revolving door flanked by two regular, swinging doors. I heard ...

Horton Automatics Revolving Door Systems

Horton Automatics revolving doors systems offer dramatic architectural appeal, energy efficiency and the ability to move vast amounts of pedestrian traffic.

Revolving Doors

Revolving doors come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your every business need. Unlike swing doors, spinning doors combat the problem of high winds in larger cities by not making your customers fight against the air pressure of opening or closing the door.

There are other benefits of revolving doors. They eliminate large volumes of air penetrating through your building entrance. The airlock effectively keeps warm or cold air in. They add architectural interest to any building project. They also allow floor space near your business entrance to be used. All of which make them great for retail stores, restaurant or hotel situations where you have large amounts of foot traffic in and out of your establishment.

To find the right revolving doors for you:

1. Determine what size and style you have in mind.

2. Find revolving door manufacturers in your area or online.

3. Opt for a specialist or contractor to install your new product.

Compare revolving door suppliers on price and quality

Start your shopping for your commercial revolving doors online. You can easily price compare or send away for company catalogs.

Find revolving door distributors to fit your specific need

You can find any number of providers of commercial revolving doors to fit your any need.

Use an industry-specific search engine to look for a revolving door supplier

Skip generic search engines like Google, and instead, start with an industry-specific search engine to start you on your quest for revolving doors.
  • If you install revolving doors, also consider a specific handicap accessible door option in addition to your revolving door, or purchase a revolving door kit that is created as handicap accessible.