20 Foot Container Applications and Uses

Think outside the box when finding uses for a 20-foot container

The 20 foot container has many uses as both a shipping or storage container. The container itself can hold dry goods, heavy machinery, perishable items and much more. Most 20-foot cargo containers are either shipped by sea, on trucks or by rail cross country.

The 20 foot container applications and uses also include storage units for business that need additional storage room. While the use of 20 foot containers varies widely, there are three main types of containers that can be utilized, including:

1. Dry (closed) 20 foot container.

2. Open-top 20 foot containers.

3. Refrigerated containers for perishable items.

Use dry 20 foot shipping container for storage and transportation

The most common of the shipping containers comes in a variety of sizes and is considered a dry use shipping container. The 20 foot container is used to transport everything from retail items to industrial equipment. The new or used 20 foot container also makes a great storage addition for office, retail or industrial items that may be spewing out of your current building capacity.

Find 20 foot storage containers with open tops

Using 20 foot shipping containers with open tops doesn't work for every product or application, but there are situations where open top containers make the ideal means of transporting items. Many crops are shipped in covered open top containers that can be easily loaded. Other items like coal or landscaping materials also ship more easily in open top containers.

Find uses for refrigerated 20 foot industrial containers

Twenty-foot containers also come in refrigeration units, called refers. A 20 foot refer is a perfect solution for food distribution. Perishable items can be shipped securely and at controlled temperatures to assure their quality when they arrive at their destination.

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