40 Foot Container Installation and Maintenance

How to install and keep up a 40-foot cargo container building

Containers used for shipping are much talked about in building circles, with 40-foot container installation and maintenance being prime concerns. Indeed, shipping container buildings are the ultimate in recycling. Used 40-foot containers for sale are relatively inexpensive, and some containers are even free because it's less expensive for shipping companies to buy new ones and too much trouble to sell used ones. Being made of steel, container buildings are resistant to fire and wind. Their size (the average 40-foot container dimensions are 8 feet wide by 8.5 feet tall by 40 feet long) also makes them great for building modular homes or offices.
But building with several 40-foot shipping container products is an evolving craft. There are many different ways to construct container buildings, and many questions to ask yourself before you launch into container design. Here are three important areas to consider:
1. What sort of foundation is best for 40-foot container buildings?
2. How do you add plumbing and electricity to 40-foot container products?
3. How do you maintain 40-foot shipping container buildings?

Build a foundation for a 40-foot shipping container building

Foundations for 40-foot container buildings vary, and each style has its pros and cons. Concrete blocks are perhaps the most popular foundation for shipping containers, as long as they are reinforced with rebar. Another popular choice is a pin foundation, which is especially popular among eco-friendly builders.

Add plumbing and electricity to a 40-foot ocean container building

The most expensive part of creating a shipping container building is adding plumbing and electricity. It's possible to buy modified shipping containers (designed for portable office use) with electricity already installed. You can also buy components to add electricity specifically to such containers. Plumbing a shipping container building really isn't any more difficult than plumbing a normal home.

Maintain a 40-foot cargo container building

Steel buildings rust. That's why it is vital to give your steel shipping container building an excellent paint job. To make container buildings look less like shipping containers, many contractors are now adding stucco exteriors to them, which may require less frequent painting.

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