Business Phones Key Terms

Understand business phones key terms as the Internet plays a role in services available

To get the most out of your business phones, you need to know your options. Now, business phone services offer more than just multiple lines and the ability to put customers on hold. With a business phone system that uses Internet features, your possibilities are endless. Some of the traditional phone services, like toll free calling, are still available. However, businesses also have the option of telephone over the Internet and video conference calls. To help you get the most out of your business phones, consider these key terms.


IP Telephony (IPT)


IP Telephony (IPT) - more commonly known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service - is a cost savings method for your business phones. VoIP uses the Internet to help you obtain a phone connection, and it can sometimes offer significant savings over traditional land lines.

Video conferencing


Video conferencing allows you to meet "face to face" with a colleague or client through your business phone system. With video conferencing on your business phones, and the proper equipment in your office, you can stream two-way audio and video signals through your business phone system.

Business communications system


A business communications system encompasses all of your business phone needs in one system. With a business communications system, you can get all of the traditional voice features like transfer, hold, voice mail and music on hold as well as the benefits of IP Telephony.

Innovative Communications Alliance, unified communications


The Innovative Communications Alliance, established by Microsoft and Nortel, is designed to help promote unified communications. Unified communications technology allows you to obtain all of your voice and data services in a unified package.

Toll free


Toll free services as part of your business phone package allows customers to call you at no charge. Even customers who would normally incur long distance charges can make the call for free when they dial your unique toll free number.

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)


Many regional telephone carriers offer Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). Your business benefits because it allows voice, text, data, music, video and graphics to be transmitted over the existing telephone wires.

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