California Business for Sale

Finding and purchasing a business for sale in California

California businesses for sale offer several advantages over starting a new business. When you buy a California business it will already have a client base, an established name and a source of revenue. It will also have trained employees, established relationships with vendors and an existing business plan. You will likely need to make many changes, but purchasing a preexisting business means you do not have to start from scratch.

Thoroughly investigate any California business for sale that you are interested in purchasing. Review the company's tax returns and financial statements from the last few years. Look through the sales records and salaries of every staff member. Determine how much you will have to pay for insurance coverage and monthly utilities. Before you buy a California business, there are many questions you must ask:

1. How much competition will your business face?

2. Are you investing in a growing industry?

3. What overhead costs is this CA businesses for sale faced with every month?

4. Does the business have a large inventory?

Hire a CPA to assist in your search for CA businesses for sale

Retain the services of a certified public accountant to help you analyze the financial records of the California business for sale you are considering and to assist you with all pertinent legal documents.

Work with a business broker to find a business for sale in California

A broker will screen any company and obtain a complete financial disclosure from a California business for sale. The broker will also assist you in negotiating a price for the business and guide you through the relevant paperwork, such as licenses and permits that are required in California.

Search through CA businesses for sale

Whether you are looking for a business for sale in northern California, a business for sale in southern California or a business anywhere in between, there are several websites that provide listings of California businesses for sale. These sites list the business for sale, the city in California the business is based in, the seller's price and other relevant information.

Obtain financing to purchase a business for sale in California

After you've scoured the listings of California businesses for sale and picked the one that is right for you, you will need financing to make the purchase. Take out a business loan to get the capital you require.
Resource Nation.
  • Find out why a California business for sale by owner is being sold. The owner may have a reason for getting out of his chosen industry.
  • Ask about the turnover rate of employees for the businesses for sale in California you are interested in purchasing.
  • Examine the company assets such as office equipment, fixtures and machinery.
  • Review the marketing strategies of the company for sale in California that you are considering. Find out how they advertise and promote their goods and services and if the current strategy is the best plan to advertise the business.
  • Verify that the company is up to code for all health and safety requirements.

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