Ebusiness Jobs Key Terms

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The Internet becomes more valuable each day by offering a variety of goods and services to customers with just a click of the mouse. Many traditional businesses now have a physical presence in the community as well as an eBusiness presence in the online community. Many start-up businesses are also using eBusiness solutions to begin their business for significantly less money than a traditional business. And, with so many eCommerce tools, many will succeed in eBusiness.

Website development

Website development is the key aspect of eBusiness solutions for businesses. The website is a company's best online contact for customers to get more information on the company and what products or services it has to offer. Website development includes the creation, design and marketable aspects of the website.

Online marketing

Online marketing is similar to traditional business marketing in that the goals of the marketing campaigns are the same. The difference in online marketing is the tools that are used. Online marketing uses search engine optimization, banner ads and email marketing to gain customers.


eCommerce is the system of buying and selling goods and services online. Goods can be physical or virtual, such as online ad space. Similarly, services can be performed offline or online.

Merchant accounts

A merchant account is often necessary for online businesses to accept payment. Through a merchant account, an eBusiness can accept credit card payments from customers. Otherwise, the business would not be able to accept payments directly from credit card companies.

Payment solutions

Because many businesses have moved their storefronts online, there is a number of new payment solutions for customers who want to shop online. Payment solutions for businesses can include credit cards, debit cards and services that offer customers the ability to buy now and pay later.