International Calls Basics

Stay connected by learning tips on international calls basics

Learning international calls basics will help companies cost-effectively do business across borders. In the past, international calls were a luxury that most professionals simply could not afford. Today, having the ability to make international phone calls is a must to compete in the increasingly global business market.

In response to increased international business ventures, making international calls is much cheaper and easily accessible than in the past. In most cases, it’s as easy as making a long distance call to another state. The primary difference is the use of country codes, which vary depending upon where you’d like to call. Expand your business reach and avoid missing critical business opportunities by gaining a better understanding on international calls basics. Some key tips to know include:

1. Using cell phones to make international calls.

2. Making international phone calls from fixed phone lines.

3. Using calling cards for international telephone services.

Check with your cell phone provider to make international calls

Available for rent or purchase, you can use cell phones for international telephone services. You can buy international cell phones that you can use in more than 100 different countries. Additionally, many U.S. cell phones are compatible with international systems and you can use them abroad. Check with your cell phone provider about using your mobile phone to make international phone calls.

Rely on international telephone carriers

In addition to making international calls from cell phones, there are many international phone providers that offer services from fixed phone lines. With access numbers, provided by their carrier, users can quickly make international phone calls using landlines.

Assess the benefits of using calling cards to make international phone calls

You can also use calling cards to easily place international calls. Many calling card providers offer a range of features to allow users to easily stay connected from nearly anywhere in the world. With just a PIN, a toll-free number and the destination number, they will instantly connect your international call.
  • In addition to the options previously discussed, businesses can make international calls at local rates using voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. VoIP is a service that allows users to make and receive calls via a high-speed Internet connection rather than a traditional phone line.

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