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You really can’t go wrong with jelly beans—they are always guaranteed to please. While jelly beans have been around for decades, in recent years a surprising number of new variations have emerged. Buying jelly beans used to be as easy as picking out a flavor. Now, whether you are using jelly beans as a retail product offering, a holiday gift or a promotional item, you can custom match your jelly bean selection to the lifestyles of those that will be enjoying this sweet treat.

Here are some of your many jelly bean options:


Sport jelly beans are fortified with carbohydrates, electrolytes and vitamins. They are used as an on-the-go snack when bicycling, running, or participating in other kinds of physical activities. These jelly beans contain a combination of sucrose, fructose and glucose that is similar to the blend found in popular sports drinks.


Organic jelly beans are made with organic ingredients. Typically, they contain ingredients such as organic sunflower oil, organic tapioca syrup, and organic white grape juice concentrate. Most have no artificial colors or sweeteners, no gluten and no corn syrup.


Jelly beans make a fun promotional gift. Your company's name or logo can be imprinted on jelly beans. You can also choose packaging that suits your purpose, such as tins, little wooden barrels, or mechanical dispensers.

Real fruit

Real fruit jelly beans actually contain fruit. They are made from fruit puree or fruit juice concentrate. Flavors--which include non-fruity options such as chocolate and coconut--are strong but not overly sweet.


Kosher jelly beans are certified kosher pareve. This means that they conform to Jewish dietary laws. The best known kosher jelly beans are Jelly Belly individual flavor jelly beans.


Vegan jelly beans are made with ingredients that do not come from animals. For example, unlike most other jelly beans, they contain no beeswax or gelatin. Their taste and appearance comes from vegan natural and artificial colors and flavors.

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