Making the Most of Promotional Frisbees

Use promotional Frisbees to get customers interested in your business

Promotional Frisbees (the trademarked name for the flying discs) are an excellent promotional tool. Not only are advertising Frisbees fun and familiar, but they also show a lighter side of your company. Adults and children alike can enjoy custom-printed Frisbees at your next company event or in their own backyard. Personalized Frisbees are also a fairly inexpensive giveaway that is likely to have a great return.

With custom Frisbees you can convey whatever message you want. Whether you want your logo or another message printed on the Frisbee, the sky's the limit. Consider the following when making the most of promotional Frisbees:

1. Have a Frisbee promotion that creates a theme around the giveaway Frisbees.

2. Promotional Frisbees are inexpensive enough that you could give them away with other promotional items.

3. Printing custom messages or special deals on a custom Frisbee can remind your customers when to come back.

Host an event where promotional frisbees can play a role

Frisbees are often associated with warm weather and sun. Your next promotional event can be a sunny, outdoor event with promotional flying discs, custom water bottles and printed beach bags. However, if there is snow on the ground, consider bringing the outdoors in and hosting a beach party in the middle of winter with promotional Frisbees flying high. You can give away customized Frisbees and other promotional items for entering a drawing or answering a correct question about one of your products.

Create a giveaway theme around a promotional Frisbee

Depending on your business, you can use promotional Frisbees as a symbol for "soaring to new heights" or "flying to the top" to kick off a special sale or promotion. Or consider making a game out of collecting different colored promotional Frisbees over a designated amount of time in order to be entered in a major drawing at a car lot or to receive 25% off your next retail purchase or service. Making the Frisbees a hot commodity will raise customer's interest in them even more.

Print sale dates or coupons onto promotional Frisbees

Rather than using promotional Frisbees for just your company name, consider printing valuable consumer information on them. Print a schedule of your upcoming sales or promotional events. Or maybe print a coupon for a free service or a percentage off of their next purchase if customers bring the Frisbee back with them or give it to a friend. Customers are unlikely to throw away an actual Frisbee, and chances are good they will read something that is so unusual.
  • Promotional Frisbees don't just have to be the typical 9-inch plastic disc. Think about mini-Frisbees or foam Frisbees as options for your next promotion.

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