Medical Dressings and Bandages Education and Training

Learn how to properly apply and remove medical dressings and bandages

Medical dressings and bandages come in a variety of sizes and are made to treat many different injuries or wounds. Sterile medical dressings and surgical bandages are used in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities and by home care aides to treat patients with surgical or open wounds.

It's important for nurses, home health aides, and health care workers to understand proper use and methods of application and removal for surgical dressings and medical bandages. Any health care workers receiving medical dressings and bandages education and training should:

1. Learn how to apply and remove medical dressings.

2. Get trained to properly use first aid bandages.

3. Become educated about wound dressings and bandages.

Learn to apply medical dressings correctly

Medical dressings and bandages can include surgical dressings to be applied to surgery sites, first aid bandages, or even a compression bandage that is used for strained muscles or injuries. It's important for nurses and home health aides to learn about the different types of medical dressings.

Get educated about wound-specific brands of medical dressings and applications

Nurses, home health aides, physical therapists and other healthcare workers are often responsible for administering first aid and wound care, including applying first aid bandages or wound care dressings. Many dressings have special features like being impregnated with lubricant or antibiotic solution, or having moisture-wicking features to keep the area dry. Learn the correct way to apply an adhesive bandage or elastic bandage and the differences between them.

Become trained in wound care and medical dressings usage

It's important for nurses and home health aides to know how to properly apply and change medical dressings for the safety and comfort of the patient. Continue your education and learn about wound care and the many kinds of surgical dressings used in wound care and surgical treatment. Earn certification in wound care through continuing education programs to further your career and your health care education.

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