Mental Health Continuing Education

Manage the mental health continuing education requirements of your staff members

Remember to offer plenty of ways to help your staff meet their mental health continuing education or mental health CE. Mental health CE requirements are often set by the state and will differ for each branch of the mental health field; for example, counseling continuing education will not be the same as the mental health CE requirements for psychiatrists.

Discuss the need for mental health continuing education with your staff members so they recognize the importance of CE not only to their own career, but in terms of the expectations you have for your department.

1. Research mental health online course catalogues for staff members.

2. Consider mental health home study course programs for staff convenience.

3. Sign up staff members for mental health continuing education seminars.

Choose mental health online courses for staff convenience

Look at several options when considering mental health online courses. Make sure the courses meet the standards set by the state board and will be accepted as the required mental health continuing education.
Capella University offers mental health online courses to help keep your staff in the know. Affect Plus has a vast selection of online classes designed to help you ensure your staff is up-to-date on their educational needs.

Find mental health home study courses to allow your staff to learn at their own risk

Consider mental health home study courses as a way for your staff members to meet the need for continuing education and allow them to learn at their own rate of speed.
Program Services Continuing Education has a variety of mental health home study courses designed to help you help your staff members succeed. Professional Psych Seminars provides you with the home study options to help your employees continue their education.

Take advantage of seminars for your staff's mental health CE requirements

Set up mental health seminars that are designed to meet specific continuing education requirements. You can enroll your staff members in seminars that are already planned, or you can contact a variety of organizations to create a seminar specific to your staff members and the topics they most need in their day-to-day professional lives.
American Healthcare Institute boasts educational seminars for mental health professionals that meet most state board requirements for continuing education credits. MEDS-PDN has a number of seminars available for continuing education for mental health professionals under your management.
  • Set up webinars instead of hosting traditional mental health continuing education seminars to help your staff better manage their time as they continue their education. Webinars can be recorded and attended when convenient for your staff.

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