Office Coffee Services

Find a business coffee service tailored to your office personnel and location

Ever since its discovery as a drink in Ethiopia during the 9th century, coffee has continued to rank high in beverage choice. The number of companies offering coffee services attests to that. Choosing the right coffee service for the office depends on considering several important factors before making your selection.

Begin with location and size. Some companies serve regional locations, while others operate nationally. Certain office coffee vendors restrict service to offices with 20 or more employees. Consider service level, too. Some coffee service companies provide the coffee and equipment, but you must do the managing of orders, cleaning and stocking. Full service companies, on the other hand, provide sales representatives that take care of these needs. Don't forget the brew itself. Coffee brewers come in single cup, pot, metal and glass type models. The coffee ranges from cans, bags, pods and other assorted packages. Likewise, coffee selection ranges from premium brands and specialty coffees to supermarket varieties.

When choosing a company’s coffee service for the office consider the following:

1. The number of employees using the office coffee service.

2. Your allocated budget for coffee services.

3. Whether you want full service or one where your business takes care of everything.

4. The type of coffee and brewer needed.

Invite multiple coffee service providers to bid for your business

You can interview providers online. Fill out an application form at a broker site, indicating the specifics of the service you require. You'll get free quotes and response from participating vendors based on pot or single coffee service, number of employees to serve and type of location.

Put coffee quality first with a service that delivers both beans and equipment

These coffee service companies provide premium coffee that you make in your office. Coffee prices may be higher, but are often balanced by discounts for coffee makers and other equipment provided.

Look for a business coffee service that provides additional perks

Some full service coffee service providers go above and beyond, ensuring clean break rooms, seeing that your coffee stock never goes low and providing quality equipment.

Get business coffee services in specific locations

Some coffee service providers cater to select areas, with reps servicing all your office coffee requirements.
  • Office coffee services cost $60 to $100 per employee each year. For example, plan on budgeting $1,200 to $2,000 for 20 employees per year, excluding possible discounts.

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