Pricing and Costs of Floor Scrubbers

Consider the long term costs of owning floor scrubbers and buffers

Buying floor scrubbing equipment for your company is a considerable investment. These machines are fairly expensive, but as with any machine, there are additional expenses to operate the machine.

Consider the following guidelines concerning pricing and costs of floor scrubbers when determining the long-term expenses associated with your purchase:

1. Figure out the cost buying of brushes and pads periodically for your floor scrubbing equipment.

2. Think about the overall cost of purchasing floor scrubbing supplies, such as cleaners, needed to properly care for the floors.

3. Remember you may have to purchase replacement parts for commercial floor scrubbers, especially once the warranty expires.

Consider the cost of brushes and pads for the floor scrubbers

Many industrial floor scrubbers, including automatic scrubber equipment, use brushes, pads, squeegees or a combination of all of these. Regardless of the type of machine you purchase, you will have to purchase replacements for these items periodically to keep the machine working like new.

Determine the cost of buying floor scrubbing supplies

Floor scrubbing supplies, such as stripper, wax and cleaner, are necessary to keep the floors clean and looking nice. These costs associated with these chemicals are recurring costs as these products aren't reusable.

Think about the cost of replacement parts for the floor scrubbing equipment

When your floor scrubbing equipment isn't working properly, you may find that you need to purchase replacement parts. Many of these parts are inexpensive compared to the cost of the machine, and others are almost as costly as purchasing a new machine.
  • Remember that some floor scrubbers, including commercial kitchen floor scrubbers, require splash guards to avoid splashing chemicals onto surfaces that must remain sanitary.