Pricing and Costs of Promotional Sport Bottles

Consider all the costs of ordering promotional sport bottles

Promotional sport bottles are an effective advertising tool for many businesses. These custom logo sport bottles are available in numerous styles and colors. Many of them offer additional features, such as insulation or handles.

When you are updating your marketing budget to include promotional water bottles, you must take the total cost of ordering these bottles into consideration. Keep the following guidelines in mind when you are updating your marketing budget:

1. Consider ordering a large quantity of promotional sport bottles all at once to take advantage of quantity discounts.

2. Look for hidden fees called set up fees when you checking the pricing of promotional sport bottles.

3. Figure out the total shipping and freight costs associated with your purchase.

Take advantage of quantity discounts when ordering personalized sports bottles

Many promotional materials companies offer discounts for large orders. Sometimes, you will qualify for this discount by ordering as few as 100 or 200 of an item. In most cases, there are numerous discounts for various quantities. For example, a company may offer a promotional sports bottle model for $2.50 each if you order 50. The price may drop to $2.25 if you order 100 and $2.00 if you order 250.

Look for companies that offer free set up for custom logo sport bottles

There are some companies that charge a fee, anywhere from $25 to more than $50, to get the machines ready to print your customizable sports bottles. While this is the norm, some companies do this for free. Companies that offer free set up make it easy and affordable for you to order more than one style of promotional water bottles.

Save on shipping costs for your promotional sports bottles

Promotional sports bottles are items that take up a lot of space. Because of this, shipping and handling pricing and costs of promotional sport bottles can easily add up to $50 or more depending on the type of shipping and number of promotional sport bottles requested. Using a company that offers free ground shipping can save you a lot of money. Keep in mind that most companies will only offer free basic ground shipping on orders that meet purchasing requirements. You must also note that if you need expedited shipping, in most cases, normal freight charges will apply.
  • Many promotional companies have a minimum quantity listed for each promotional sports bottle. In most cases, you can order less than the listed quantity if you call the company. Keep in mind that you may be charged a fee if you do this.

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