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For all kinds of situations in which businesses want their logos or names in the public eye, promotional coffee mugs are a great choice for gifts that will "keep on giving" to the business who gave them. Promotional coffee mugs tend to travel everywhere with coffee addicts, who, if they are in a decent position within their own business, might rub shoulders with quite a few coworkers, colleagues, vendors, suppliers and others every day. That translates into a lot of recognition. Businesses that want to take advantage of this option can read up on some common terms for purchasing coffee mugs to help with promotional projects.

Travel mugs

A travel mug is very popular for branding. Whether it's stainless steel, steel-lined or plastic, the travel mug comes with features that allow busy coffee drinkers to take their beverages anywhere during the course of a hectic day.

Photo-transfer services

Some promotional coffee mug vendors specialize in getting your images and logos onto a mug with a variety of image transfer methods. A photo-transfer service is a vendor that can accommodate this branding challenge.

Ceramic coffee mug

The standard ceramic coffee mug is composed of ceramic material that can be decorated with promotional images.

Self-cooling coffee mug

This high-tech mug type includes a temperature control for cooling a cup of coffee (iced, anyone?). The self-cooling mug represents one of several newer options for gifting tony items to clients.

Marrow mug

A Marrow mug is a specialty type mug (made from specific clay materials) that is popular in some companies for promotional use.

Travel tumblers

A travel tumbler is basically a mug without handles. Tumblers can be made in all of the same materials as travel mugs. Some marketers like the tumbler better because of its simplicity of design.

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