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Compare mailing rates from multiple carriers with a shipping software program

When your business has large amounts of inventory to send out, you’ll want to install shipping and rating software for use in your warehouse. Once you download the rating software, you can calculate the amounts you’ll have to pay to ship out a product and then pass that cost onto your customer.

Shipping software can give you the ability to look at different rates from a variety of companies that offer shipping services. Most likely, you’ll want business shipping software that gives rates offered by the United States Postal Service, UPS and Federal Express.

1. Decide on the features you need from shipping management software. Besides standard mailing rates, you may need freight software as well that offers information on the cost to set up freight delivery.

2. Find rating and shipping software suppliers. Compare the cost of each product along with the features and support available from the manufacturer.

3. Purchase shipping software. Install the shipment software and provide training for employees on the software.

Buy shipping and receiving software

You'll find multiple software companies that offer reliable shipping and receiving software programs. With this software, you can find out the cost and time frame needed for your inventory to arrive at the selected destination. You can also utilize the features to track packages and delivery of your incoming shipments.

Obtain freight rating software

When you have to outsource your freight shipping needs, you'll need transport software that can generate you multiple estimates. Freight software programs will also give you features to manage fuel surcharge rates, label printing and more.

Install free shipping software

If you're on a tight budget, you may want to save by using free shipping software to calculate the cost to mail your products. Many free rating software programs will give you the same accuracy of paid programs.
  • You may want to consider installing a complete mail order management system as part of your shipment software. With this type of program, you'll not only receive mailing rates, but also have the ability manage customer orders and inventory.

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