Training for Small Business Insurance

Advance your career with training for small business insurance

Both large corporate and single-owner small business insurance companies will bring on an agent with the right training. Small businesses typically represent the fastest growing sector of employment, and small business owners are always looking for small business insurance quotes for their health, property, and business insurance needs.

After you obtain your entry-level insurance licenses, add insurance for small business professional development courses through other training centers and trade groups. Make sure that your training is well-rounded for small business insurance as you progress in your professional development so that you can offer the most possible services to the widest range of clients.

1. Find the right entry-level training for small business insurance company positions.

2. Seek out advanced training that allows you to sell group insurance for small business as well as other small business insurance products.

3. Participate in trade groups that offer training in insurance for small businesses.

Look for entry-level training from websites for small business insurance companies

Keep an eye out for the trends that are leading the industry to know the insurance training that you need now. Get the basics down first with classes aimed at newcomers to the industry that include insurance language, rules and basic coverage available for small business. Take the necessary pre-licensing courses before attempting to pass the various state-required insurance license exams.

Find advanced training for small business insurance companies

Pay attention to what is needed in the market as you further your training and licensing. Often a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation can make all the difference when you are looking to advance. Take advantage of training courses to learn about every aspect of the industry that could be used by a small business, from employee benefit plans to succession policies and personal wealth coverage.

Join small business insurance provider associations that offer training to their members

Most trade associations for providers of small business insurance offer continuing education and professional development courses for their members. In addition, they also will put on seminars in health, life and property insurance rules and changes that will help you stay on top of your field.

  • The more products that you are licensed to sell, the more money you can make for yourself and your firm. So it's good business for you to take as much low-cost small business insurance training as you can.

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