Transportation Jobs Basics

Jobs in the transportation industry offer individuals a variety of opportunities and career paths

Transportation industry careers include driving tractor-trailers, driving Less than Load (LTL) freight, obtaining a job in logistics or working as an engineer designing road infrastructure. The transportation industry also offers diverse opportunities within the job sector. An example of such is that individuals interested in the trucking industry have a choice of working for a local trucking company whose routes are in a localized geographic area or opting for a larger trucking company whose routes may be nationwide.

To help begin your career in the transportation field, consider these transportation jobs basics:

1. Obtaining necessary licenses such a Commercial Drivers License (CDL)

2. Applying for financial assistance necessary to complete required training

3. Reviewing transportation job listings to find employment

Obtain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and open the door to jobs in the transportation industry

A Commercial Drivers License (CDL) is required to operate a vehicle over 26,001 pounds in the United States. To obtain a CDL license, one must pass a written knowledge test and a driving skills test from a certified testing facility.
Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986 to learn about the various classes of licenses and endorsements that you can obtain through further testing. Query the Best Trucking Schools website to locate a truck driving school in your area.

Apply for financial aid to reach your goal of acquiring transportation employment

Financial aid opportunities exist for individuals interested in transportation jobs. Basics of receiving financial aid include applying for financial aid from the federal government, looking at scholarships offered by various private entities and finding companies that pay for training and then employing that individual when training is complete.
United States Department of Education provides a list of financial aid resources that can assist you in achieving your goal of landing a transportation job.

Initiate a job search to find jobs in transportation

After completing the necessary training, schooling or licensing required for your desired transportation job, search transportation job openings and secure employment.
  • Attend job fairs to network and make contacts with those employed in the transportation field. Having these connections may prove to be invaluable resource to you when you begin your own career.
  • Contact your insurance company to see if they provide discounts on premiums for the completion for driver safety classes.