Wireless Internet Providers in Hawaii Key Terms

Use wireless Internet providers in Hawaii key terms to make communications more efficient

Choosing the correct wireless Internet providers in Hawaii for your business requires at least a basic understanding of the local industry. From the companies that offer service in Hawaii to the uniqueness of wireless Internet service on the islands, the wireless Internet providers in Hawaii key terms provide an excellent knowledge base. Using these terms as a starting point, you can then decide which company or technology best fits your business needs. The local service providers in Hawaii don't differ greatly from other states but the way the technology performs can differ because of reception and technology issues.

Hawaiian Telcom

Hawaiian Telcom is one of the leading local wireless Internet providers in the state. Choosing a local wireless Internet service provider can provide an advantage over a national service provider because they understand and offer products uniquely equipped to service an Island state like Hawaii.


Skywave is a local company in Hawaii that provides wireless Internet hotspots. This company can install the infrastructure in your business should you want to provide wireless Internet access to your customers or employees.


Hotspots are a general wireless Internet term referring to locations that provide wireless Internet access within the state of Hawaii. Locating these spots can help you when doing business in Hawaii or when setting up your own wireless network through a local provider.

Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service

Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service is a wireless Internet technology that's in common use in the state of Hawaii. It uses an ultra-high frequency channel to broadcast the wireless signals throughout the Islands.

Aloha Broadband

Aloha Broadband is another local wireless Internet service provider in Hawaii. They use a technology that's similar to the way radio stations broadcast their signals and can be better suited to the terrain of an Island state like Hawaii.

Fixed wireless Internet connection

A fixed wireless Internet connection refers to a technology that broadcasts from a centralized point out to a certain distance. If a wireless Internet service provider offers this service, you may want to choose another alternative. This technology is especially susceptible to bad weather and rain interference, which happens often in Hawaii.

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