Enhance your retirement with AARP membership

AARP Inc. is one of the largest senior organizations that lobbies for the interests of Americans over the age of 50. With its myriad of insurance programs, the AARP web site, publications and events, the AARP corporation uses its vast membership to secure deals and specials for members. Everyone who turns 50 in the U.S. receives an invitation to join the AARP corp.

Membership in AARP LTD is very inexpensive and provides members with a number of benefits. The AARP business is a successful nonprofit, nonpartisan company that employs thousands in the Washington D.C. home office and through local and regional offices nationwide. AARP corporation membership can be an asset to both retired and working seniors. Utilize your membership in the AARP corp. in a variety of ways.

1. Follow the AARP corporate profile in a local chapter

2. Stay informed through the AARP web site and publications

3. Reach customers through AARP business opportunities

Participate in local AARP business

Find a local chapter and get involved and learn more AARP info from the inside. There are many volunteer opportunities for AARP Inc. insiders as well as chances to get involved with the AARP company officials on the national stage. While the AARP incorporation rules keep the organization in a nonpartisan role in politics, the group supports or fights against many issues that affect seniors.

Use your time wisely with the AARP website

On the AARP website, you can read the organization's publications if you prefer online reading. The AARP publications keep members informed of issues that affect seniors. They help explain new laws and complicated matters such as Social Security. If you haven't received an invitation, you also can join AARP through the website.

Advertise through AARP publications

For businesses that want to reach millions of seniors, the AARP website and magazines offer a great opportunity. Companies with a national audience can reach this coveted target market with everything from a full-age ad to a small back of the book piece. You also can take advantage of events that accept commercial sponsors and exhibitors.