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Get free online access to finance terminology used nationally and internationally

The Internet offers a large array of free dictionaries and glossaries of accounting and financial terms. The providers offer these tools with the professional businessperson in mind. They do a nice job with precision and cross-referencing via hyperlinks to other related terms.

By design, these sites provide quick access to financial terms related to all businesses, thus worthy to bookmark. Each glossary and dictionary of financial terms applies in various ways to general accounting, tax issues, bookkeeping, international business and investing. When looking for financially related definitions consider the following:

1. Know where to find a finance dictionary with numerous entries covering the broad field of accounting and finance.

2. Locate a specialized financial terms dictionary or glossary for review or use in business journalism.

3. Understand investing and trading terminology to enhance your personal acumen.

Locate a financial terms glossary for everyday use

Search the broad collection of financial terms from A through Z, with quick references and to-the-point definitions, at these websites.
Hypertextual Finance Glossary with more than 8,000 entries and 18,000 hyperlinks. Visit Yahoo! for their comprehensive financial terms glossary with acronyms. Go to for a financial glossary containing more than 6,000 entries and 20,000 cross-links among terms; browse by letter at the bottom of page. SmartMoney provides an extensive finance glossary with cross-links to other entries.

Use a specialized accounting financial dictionary for studies and writing

These resources provide definitions for professionals in the business field requiring a concise dictionary of financial terms.

Pick a glossary or dictionary of finance and investment terms for investors

The words in these dictionaries cover all investing vocabulary from easy to complex terms and acronyms in quick fashion. Find terms like "Gilt Strip," "Gilt-Edged Bond," "Give-up" and "ACS" among others.

Select an online financial accounting dictionary for new and old words

Whether you want to brush up on your vocabulary, study for an auditing exam or find new finance terminology in today's accounting field, these dictionaries provide the answers.

Find specialized accounting and financial terms

These resources offer clarity for tax preparers and international business expertise.
  • Some websites provide licensing to allow posting their accounting and finance dictionaries on other websites. If interested, scroll to the bottom of the financial dictionary online and click "licensing" or related terminology if available.

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