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Activity-based costing and management software allows users to view the costs of a certain jobs or projects. With this software, companies can determine exactly how much profit is made on a single job or group of jobs. Shopping for activity-based costing and management software can be confusing for new users. Review the meanings of activity-based costing and management software key terms to help you understand exactly what each program offers in your search for finding software that meets your needs.


OS stands for "operating system." A computer's operating system computer is a software program that communicates with the hardware and software on the computer. The OS allows software programs to function. The major available OS programs are Windows, MAC and Linux.


Groupware is a software program that allows multiple users to access and use the program at the same time. Groupware software is used over networks, mostly for businesses, to make an organization more efficient.


Middleware is a software programs that works as a go between for two or more different programs. Middleware allows programs to work together, share data and access information from other programs.


Modules are small software applications that work inside another application. Most modules are designed to complete a specific task, such as inputting information or editing information.


GUI, pronounced "gooey," stands for graphic user interface. GUI is the window or interface that communicates with a computer program. GUIs are characterized by their menus and user-friendly commands. A user interface that is not GUI is made up of purely text commands.


Integrated software is a group of software programs that work together as one unit to provide a variety of applications. Integrated software is equipped with middleware that allows information to flow through programs.

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