Advertising Organizations

How to raise awareness for a cause on a tight advertising budget.

Advertising organizations with promotional gifts is an excellent and efficient way to make the best of a limited advertising budget.  After all, non-profit organizations, clubs and groups usually have precious little to spare when it cames to raising awareness about a cause or event.  Billboards are out of the question.  Even one newspaper ad can wipe out half a year's advertising budget.

On the other hand, promotional gifts like pens, mugs and baseball caps can cost as little as a few cents per unit.  Distributing them liberally, especially to targeted groups and potential donors, can be a very cost-efficient way to help people remember your organization's name and mission. 

No matter what your club or cause, advertising organizations with promotional gifts can get your campaign off to a good start, or inject new life into an existing group or club.  The key to effectively using promotional gifts to advertise your organization takes just a little bit of critical thought.  Undoubtedly there is a promotional gift that is perfectly suited to your organization and its budget.

Determine who your target audience is.

Your advertising efforts will make a much bigger impact if your promotional items are more personally appealing.

Carry a variety of promotional gifts.

Stocking more than one type of item means that you'll always have just the right gift to hand out.

Always carry the old stand-bys.

Pens and mugs are among the oldest of promotional gifts, and for very good reason. Everyone uses them, and they are some of the most cost-efficient advertising items to invest in.