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Centralize everything from production to media buying with advertising software solutions

Advertising software programs can help manage a small firm’s in-house advertising efforts or can help manage an ad agency. A growing number of advertising software providers are entering the market to provide solutions to handle the complexities of running advertising campaigns. That’s good news for advertisers and ad agencies.

Software for advertising agencies helps streamline a variety of processes, including scheduling, tracking artwork and reporting results. Indeed, the benefits of adopting advertising software are numerous, but include these efficient solutions:
  1. Budgeting: Advertising software solutions allow everyone from graphic designers to media buyers to access the budget.
  2. Traffic and scheduling: Advertising software programs electronically track ads through every step of the creative process and allow users to view important deadlines.
  3. Online proofing and approvals: Key decision makers can proof ads at their convenience and instantaneously give approval through the advertising software portal, thus preventing the hold-ups associated with the traditional approval process.
  4. Resource and time tracking: Many advertising software providers offer this essential component, which offers a breakdown of project spending and allows you to more effectively budget for future advertising campaigns.

Software for advertising agencies

Ad agency software can streamline a project from start to finish. This allows multiple departments to collaborate on projects and provides efficient traffic and scheduling.

Advertising software programs for production

Some advertising software solutions provide tools for creative departments to share storyboards and ad mockups with clients and ad sales departments. Other types of ad software include budgeting tools in addition to production schedules.

Advertising software solutions for sales

Software solutions for advertising agencies can centralize ad sales and media buying processes. Ad sales software and media buying software provides an instant go-to database to find outlets for ad campaigns and to budget and prepare ad campaign proposals.

MarketingPilot media buying software allows ad agencies to streamline the media buying process for all types of media and to track creative, budget and ROI.

Online advertising software

Advertising software programs allow ad agencies and advertisers to track online advertising impressions, ROI and revenue generation.

  • Before you buy software for advertising, decide if you want to use your own network to centralize the software or if you would prefer web-based advertising software that allows access to remote employees, vendors and clients.
  • When implementing new advertising software, make sure your entire staff has been fully trained before rolling it out. Otherwise, you could face a difficult transition and costly errors.
  • Advertising management software minimizes the risk of human error and reduces your chances of losing job jackets or missing deadlines.
  • Many advertising software providers provide support online or via telephone. Some providers send out representatives to assist in training and implementing the new system.

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