Advice and Ratings on Unclaimed Property in Colorado

Find CO unclaimed property using advice and ratings resources

Advice and ratings on unclaimed property in Colorado primarily consist of information on the best places to look for unclaimed property and the procedures to follow when making a claim. The Colorado government has a single department that assumes custodianship of unclaimed property for the state. County and municipal governments also may have their own unclaimed property, which may need to be turned over to the state after a period of time specified by law.

There are many commercial websites that will search for CO unclaimed properties on behalf of the owner. Prospective customers of these companies should use services with caution, as they frequently offer services that the government of Colorado provides for free. There are three general sources for obtaining advice on Colorado unclaimed property:
  1. Blogs on Colorado unclaimed properties. A credible blog or forum may have posts from experts, government officials or people with first-hand experience in recovering unclaimed property.
  2. News articles on unclaimed assets in Colorado. Reporters and other journalists can provide unbiased advice on claiming property.
  3. Government sites for unclaimed property. These sites are the best sources of official advice on obtaining unclaimed property.

Get advice on unclaimed property in CO from blogs

Blogs with advice on unclaimed property in Colorado contain posts from people who have actually recovered unclaimed property. Experts also may provide general advice on the required procedures for filing a claim for property in Colorado. Government officials sometimes keep blogs about recent changes in unclaimed property law in Colorado.

Study news articles that give advice on unclaimed property in the state of Colorado

News articles provide an objective and credible source of advice on unclaimed property in Colorado. These articles typically offer recent facts and figures for unclaimed property in Colorado. They also have instructions for filing a claim and important points of contact.

Look at official sources of advice on Colorado unclaimed assets

Government sources provide the most current information on unclaimed property in Colorado. They offer advice on the proper forms and procedures to use when making a claim for unclaimed property. Government sources also may have recent updates on the laws regarding unclaimed property in Colorado.
Office of State Treasurer for Colorado provides official information and advice for making a claim on unclaimed property in Colorado. The Denver City Government offers specific advice for owners who wish to claim property from the Property Management Bureau.

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