Adware Cleaner

Find adware removal that won't break the bank

Nothing bogs down your system or causes your productivity to suffer worse than an adware infection. If your computer has slowed to a crawl, strange icons have appeared on your desktop and you continually receive warnings from an unknown source (i.e., not your antivirus program) that your computer is infected, chances are you need to run at least one adware spyware removal tool.

The amount of adware cleaner information on the web can be mind boggling. With so many new viruses masquerading as adware and spyware cleaners, how do you find an adware cleaner you can trust? Luckily, there is more than one adware cleaner provider offering free tools to remove adware from your computer. Here is some advice on how to get rid of an adware or spyware infection:
  1. If you still have Internet connectivity, the easiest route is to run a free on-line adware scan.
  2. Download and run the best free tools for adware spyware removal.
  3. For super tough adware infections, consult an expert--you aren't the first to be infected, and you won't be the last.

Run an online adware scan if you're lucky enough to still be online

If you still have your Internet connection, you can run these free online scans to cleanse your computer of its infection. They aren't guaranteed to remove every infection--almost no single program can do that--but they are a great first line of defense.

Download the adware spyware remover software that will get rid of that pesky infection

If your viral infection is so bad that you no longer have Internet connectivity, borrow a friend or business associate's computer and download these free adware cleaners. You can store the installation files on a portable USB key and install them from there onto your own computer.

Tackle a really tough virus and adware infection by consulting with an expert

If none of the above tools have helped you finish the job, and your computer is still infected with adware, now is the time to escalate the matter. You have a couple options available to you.
  • You'll get the best results if you run the adware remover in safe mode. This has to do with the fact that virus and adware can change file permissions, and aren't as easily removed when you boot into the computer normally. Programs like SUPERAntiSpyware need to be installed and updated in normal mode, which is the mode you get to when Windows boots normally, and then run in safe mode. To get into Safe Mode in Windows XP or Vista, simply hit F8 over and over while the computer is booting. You should get a menu prompting you about which safe mode option you would like. It's best to block the computer from Internet access, so choose Safe Mode without Networking.