African-American Advertising Agencies

Using African American Advertising Agencies to Reach African American Consumers

As the African American population continues to grow, it is important that advertising professionals have a clear understanding of market trends and how they affect their consumers. Businesses looking for ways to connect with African-American consumers can turn to the leading African American focused agencies to help them communicate their message effectively, especially if they plan to use African American ads for their products and services. 

These agencies can help businesses convey their message in a way that stands out to this important consumer group.  When it comes to helping businesses reach African American consumers, African American-focused agencies can reveal so much about the impact of this group:

1. The African American population grew 26.8 percent between 1990 and 2007 compared to an increase of 20.9 percent for the rest of the U.S. population.

2. African Americans represent 13 percent of the population. African American purchasing power is expected to hit the $1 trillion mark by 2012.

3. Businesses marketing to African American consumers spent 73 percent more advertising dollars to reach them during 2006 compared to 2002. 

Use the instinctive knowledge of African American ad agencies

African American focused advertising agencies know the African American consumer extremely well. African American ad agencies know that this group is on average younger than the rest of the U.S. Population. For instance, the average age for African Americans in 2007 was 40 while the average age for the rest of the U.S. population was closer to 45.

An African American advertising agency can help you reach the African American Teen market

African Americans age 12 to 19 are a valuable target market for advertisers. African American focused advertising agencies know they are the largest creators and consumers of major trends. African American trends have a strong influence on mainstream culture when it comes to fashion, music, sports and entertainment. This group is primarily responsible for the success of several African American brands.

Target African American media sources

Studies show that the number of African American consumers who read magazines is exactly the same as the rest of the population. In fact, African American consumers read more issues a month.
  • Consider conducting market research with the help of African American advertising agencies to help you create the best strategy to reach this target market.
  • Focus your African American advertising dollars on areas where growth is skyrocketing like information technology, retail, finance, automobiles and the travel industry.

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