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Where to find the latest air transport tips, tactics and news

You'll get the most out of your air cargo connections if you stay on top of the latest industry news and trends. Knowing when and how air freight regulations have changed, or having a heads up on which companies have expanded their service to include more locations, can save you money and protect you from logistical or supply chain breakdowns.

Fortunately, air cargo regulatory agencies, cargo freight organizations and many industry leaders and professionals keep up with the latest in air freight cargo news and trends, helping you stay ahead of the game. So, instead of getting lost in the Internet looking for air cargo news, rely on the following information and resources to find specific sites that offer the most current air transport industry news and update you on the latest air freight. Relying on the right sources lets you:

1. Catch breaking cargo transport industry news as it happens;

2. Ferret out little-reported stories through air cargo related press releases;

3. Pick ideas and updates from the brains of air logistics industry insiders and professionals.

Keep up with the latest air cargo freight regulations

The air transport industry changes and innovates just as quickly as any other; keeping on top of the latest news stories and regulatory updates is vital for staying in sync with leaders in the business.

Read up on air cargo transportation related press releases

Another way of keeping current on the latest air freight news and trends is to keep track of industry-related press releases. This guarantees that you'll be tipped off to the latest news, even if no media outlets have seen fit to pursue and build a story on the press releases you view.

Eavesdrop on the air logistics industry through professional blogs

Diversify your news sources by tapping into the minds of creative industry professionals. Not only can you pick up novel views of air freight and cargo news and trends through someone else's eyes, you might also establish new networking connections.
  • Consider subscribing to your favorite blogs, websites and newsletters about air freight and cargo news and trends through an RSS feed. This lets you visit one site (for online feed readers) or launch one program (for computer-based software feed readers) and immediately see where new posts have been made.

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