Aircraft Fuel Systems Repair Basics

Master aircraft fuel systems repair basics

If your business owns an aircraft, then chances are you'll have to deal with aircraft fuel systems repair at some point. Aircraft fuel tank repair must be signed off on by an authorized inspector so chances are you won't be performing any airplane fuel systems repair. But as the business owner you should understand aircraft fuel systems repair basics.

In the course of aircraft fuel cell maintenance or aircraft fuel cell repair you'll likely be the person signing the checks, so it pays to understand a little about aviation fuel systems repair and where to go to get the best prices on the aircraft fuel system parts that you'll need. If you want to understand aircraft fuel systems repair basics, then start by asking yourself the following questions:

1. What can I find out about aviation fuel system repair?

2. How readily available are parts to repair aircraft fuel tank systems?

3. What sort of aircraft fuel tank maintenance can prevent excessive wear?

Gather general information about aviation fuel systems repair

Before you can focus on how to fix aircraft fuel system and fuel cells you'll want to understand how an aircraft fuel system works. Spend some time researching the fuel system that your plane has. It doesn't hurt to do this before something goes wrong and you need to repair aircraft fuel tank systems.

Comparison shop for parts to repair aircraft fuel system components

Even if you don't make the fuel system repairs on your aircraft you'll still have to pay for the parts and labor to repair aircraft fuel systems, so it makes sense for you to shop around for the best price on parts. Often times you'll have to make phone calls to get prices, but more and more aircraft repair companies are making their parts inventories available online.

Hire a mechanic to perform regular aircraft fuel tank maintenance

If you don't already have one, you'll need a certified mechanic (known as an A&P) to make your aircraft fuel system repairs. You'll also need an authorized inspector, or an AI, to sign off on the work. An A&P may also be an AI.
Federal Aviation Adminstration.
  • If you only have one plane, then consider hiring a mechanic from the local FBO (fixed base operator) at your airport. These mechanics know about aircraft fuel tank repair and, while they may have to work on your plane on a weekend or after hours, they're close to home and you can check their references without leaving the airport.

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