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Aircraft manufacture is a dynamic and cutting-edge field in which new technologies are created and implemented on a regular basis. As such, aircraft manufacturers education and training encompasses a wide range of college and graduate degree programs, as well as additional training and certification for people employed by aircraft manufacturing companies.

At the same time, airplane manufacturers employ people in a range of positions, which require different qualification levels. While many engineers are required to have a graduate degree in aerospace engineering or a related engineering field, technicians may only need a 2-year degree from a technical college. Regardless of the extent of training needed, education and training opportunities exist for preparing aircraft builders at all levels.

When seeking aircraft manufacturers education and training, consider the following options:
  1. Obtain an undergraduate or graduate degree in aerospace engineering for high level positions in aircraft manufacture;
  2. Consider a 2-year degree for becoming an aircraft technician with an airplane manufacturer
  3. Update your education and training with additional certifications and conferences.

Obtain a position in airplane manufacturing with an aerospace engineering degree

Airplane manufacturers hire engineers for high level positions who have at least a bachelor's degree in engineering, usually in aerospace technology or a related field like mechanical or industrial engineering. Some positions also require a master's or doctoral degree in an aerospace engineering specialization, and manufacturing companies may provide tuition assistance for employees to obtain these advanced degrees.
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is sufficient preparation for many engineering positions. A specialization in design, propulsion or dynamics, like you can get with a graduate degree from The University of Southern California Viterbi, may be required for advancement for engineers working for an aircraft manufacturer.

Work as a technician for airplane manufacturers with a 2-year degree or certificate

Commercial aircraft manufacturers employ a large number of technicians in the manufacturing industry. Technicians for airplane manufacturers typically have a 2-year associate's degree or certification from a technical college that provides them with specialized coursework in aircraft manufacturing.
Pulaski Technical College offers an Aircraft Manufacturing Certification Program to prepare students for work with an aircraft manufacturer. Central Georgia Technical College offers a similar certificate, as well as an Aircraft Structural Technology diploma.

Update your knowledge of airplane manufacturing with conferences and licenses

Many aircraft manufacturers require their employees at all levels to continue to update their education and training because of the quick advancement that characterizes aircraft technology. As a technician, you may be required to seek additional licenses or certifications, while engineers should attend professional conferences in the field.
AAIA, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, publishes a listing of their annual conferences and training events for engineers and aircraft manufacturers. The Federal Aviation Administration also offers access to all of their official certifications and licenses that can be obtained by technicians in the industry.

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