Airline Jobs News and Trends

What's happening in airline employment, and what you can look for in the future

The transportation industry can be volatile, so it's a good idea to keep on top of airline jobs news and trends all the time. You can find out what airlines are fiscally sound, which ones are not and which ones are hiring for the most jobs in the airline industry.

There are some things to look for when you seek out airline job information online and in print. You should look for:

1. Reputable sources of airline employment and industry information.

2. Sites that provide trends and financial analysis information for employment in the airline industry.

3. Commercial airline jobs predictions for the future, so you know what jobs will be available as your career progresses.

Search airline job boards for trend and analysis information

As transportation costs rise, more airlines seem to be struggling or merging. That's why there's much more to airline employment than airline job listings. You need to know what airlines are viable, what airlines are struggling, and where the best opportunities for employment may be. They may be in areas of the globe you'd like to discover, and they may be in other areas of aviation, like helicopters, management or logistics.

Look for information on future careers in the airline industry so you can plan your career according

Aviation is always changing, and it's a safe bet that aviation jobs in the future won't be anything like they are today. That's why keeping abreast of aviation information, and planning now for your future aviation career is so important. Luckily, many organizations and schools offer information you can use today to create your dream career in the airline industry tomorrow.

Utilize professional trends and analysis reports to see what commercial airline jobs are doing today

You may know exactly what it is you'd like to do in the airline industry, but there may not be numerous job opportunities in that field. To discover where airlines are hiring, look at airline job boards to calculate what areas hire consistently, and what areas do not. For example, with many airlines cutting flights due to high fuel costs, your best bet may not be a pilot job, but perhaps a dispatcher or logistics job that plans flights for fuel efficiency and peak loads.

  • Remember, continuing education is a key ingredient of airline employment. New planes may be added to the flying mix, you may move up from co-pilot to captain, or from cargo to passenger planes. Training and development, including periodic simulator and training sessions are part of the requirements for airline pilots, so be ready to continue to learn and grow throughout your airline career.