Airport Consultants

Airport consulting firms help aviation businesses soar to new heights with effective airport solutions

Whether developing a new airline or modifying an existing airport, airport consulting companies provide a comprehensive range of services to increase profitability and evaluate effectiveness. With vast resources, airport consulting companies can study current and potential traffic, design and implement plans to increase airport usage and develop productive financial strategies. The business of airports is about the most effective delivery of the right airport infrastructure, the best facilities, and the finest service – all directed at moving air passengers and cargo in a safe and secure manner.

Before beginning your search for consulting services for airports, it is important to define your needs. Clearly identify the goal of your airport consulting service, including project scope, time frame and budget. This information will help you select the best airport consulting firm to meet your specific needs.

When selecting an airport consultant, research each firm and evaluate the following:

1. What kind of experience does each airport consulting company offer to optimize the use of your airport and related aviation services?

2. What services do the airport management consulting firms provide to direct airport projects from concept to completion?

3. How much should your business invest in commercial or private airport consulting services?

Hire airport consultants that specialize in your aviation business sector

Select an airport management consultant who is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in your commercial or private aviation business. Ask to see a list of past and present clients, and request references.

Choose airport consulting firms with proven skills

Review the consulting work provided by each airfield consultancy. Evaluate the airport consulting firm's experience, qualifications and certifications, and request successful project examples of the specific skill sets you need. Assess the ability of airport design experts to achieve operational success while fulfilling the needs of passengers, airport tenants and government agencies.

Select airport consultants that meet your budget

Many airport management consultants operate on a retainer with a minimum time commitment. Several utilize an hourly fee structure for short-term projects. Your airport consulting service cost will depend upon the scope of your services.

  • Before signing an airport management consultants contract, ask about the consulting firm's experience in working with today's constantly evolving security requirements. Some airport consultants simply receive and implement new regulation information from government agencies, while others actively work with the FAA to set policy. Evaluate how closely each airport consulting firm works with the Federal Aviation Association and other regulatory agencies.

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