Alitalia Reservations

How to find a flight and book your Alitalia Airlines reservations online

Alitalia reservations are easy to make online with the Alitalia official website or through another travel booking agency. Alitalia is the main airline of Italy, though other international airlines also serve destinations throughout Italy, and connects Italian destinations with others worldwide.

Alitalia Airlines reservations are easy to find, whether you have specific dates in mind for arrival and departure or just want to browse available flights. Alitalia also offers some online support for the reservation on Alitalia before you fly.

Do the following when making your Alitalia reservation:

1. Start with the Alitalia main page to do a basic flight search.

2. Look at timetables and destination maps if you have less concrete search criteria.

3. Check out special offers for Alitalia Airlines reservations such as corporate travel and student travel.

4. Use Alitalia's website to check your flight status and get perks such as destination travel guides.

Visit Alitalia's main page for your Alitalia ticket reservation

To search for tickets and make a reservation, Alitalia customers must enter the site through a main page where you select your country of residence. Because Alitalia is an Italian company, there will also be a quick link on the main page to go to the Italian site.

Look at timetables and maps if you don't have concrete dates for your Alitalia reservation

The Alitalia reservations website also offers comprehensive timetables of flights and destination maps showing all flight routes. Instead of searching for a flight by time slot, customers can locate an available flight by picking destinations that Alitalia serves and checking the timetable for flights serving specific destinations on any given day.

Check out special offers that may apply to your Alitalia ticket reservation

Make Alitalia flight reservations to serve a number of special interests for discounted fares. If you're booking Alitalia reservations for a group for corporate travel or traveling as a student, discounted rates may apply.

Use the Alitalia website for support after making your Alitalia reservation

Alitalia reservations offer some online support, including checking the flight status to confirm on-time arrival. This feature is most useful for friends or family to track your flight, but you can also use it to check the flight status before arriving at the airport. Once you make your reservation, Alitalia also offers downloadable guides for Italian destinations.
  • Alitalia Airlines reservations actually offer less online support, such as online check in or seat reservations, than other international airlines. If you need to change your Alitalia seat reservation to choose a specific seat, call your national branch of Alitalia and confirm at the airport counter when you check in.